Sunday, June 14, 2015

wow. Haven't I just been the *PRODUCTIVE* PRINCESS-PROCRASTINATOR Today!


"SCARY", eh?! - For some REASON I actually got around to FINISHING a Couple of Bits of "IMPORTANT"-PAPERWORK!! -- AND, dragged My Tush down the Street to the MAIL-BOX to **POST** THEM!!

NOW, if *only* I could just get My MIND wrapped around getting *around* to WRAPPING a FEW "certain" PARCELS..??

MEANWHILE though, I was over-whelmed with a HANKering to Start on THIS...



  1. We all need to play catch up and do those things we hate but feels so good when done. Then you are free to craft to your heart's content

  2. I'm often playing catch up with things I've been meaning to do for ages but somehow always get put off.

  3. I'm a terrible procrastinator! I've got no problem with crochet (of course!!) But when it comes to alot of other things (like cleaning), procrastinating is what I'm really good at!


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