Sunday, February 3, 2013

huh. I'm the ONLY One out Shovelling...


Sooo... We only had the ODD little "FLURRY" Overnight, and during the Day. - AS in, WHEN I was OUT There! -- Hardly more than a COUPLE of Inches worth from the Last TWO Days, BUT, IT still needed DOING. If only to "Expose" whatever remaining ICE that's about, so that IT can "MELT" in the DAYLIGHT...

    wait. hang on... ahh...don't We need *SUN*-LIGHT for "that"..??
    -- yeah! I thought so...
HEY!! **GOOD LUCK** with THAT!!

While My Load of LAUNDRY washed, I only Shovelled-by-BRAILLE for less than an Hour... There's probably *another* INCH or so BACK on!

Meanwhile, I managed to get a BIT of KNITTING done, and Spent WAY *too* MUCH Time Piddling-on-PINTEREST! -- BTW, SISTER has recently been "Introduced" to IT by PRINCESSES'-MOM... She's still not all that Cyber-Savvy to actually *have* an Account, HOWEVER, She has "acquired" an ADDICTION to IT!!

I **KNEW** it was JUST a Matter of TIME!! -- [hehe!!]


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