Friday, February 22, 2013

The FIRST RULE for a *Successful* VEG-FEST...

...SLEEP-*IN*!! - *VERY* LATE!! -- Although, it does *Help* if One can actually GET to Bed BEFORE "4am"!?! ...just saying...

NOT having to SHOVEL, *also* Assists in One's Goals for an UN-encumbered Day!

So, I managed to get all of those Busy-Necessary-Little-CYBER-Chores OUT of the Way, whilst The-ELDERLY-PARENTALS-UNITS were off doing Their "Shopping"... HENCE, Freeing-up My Time to BEGIN the LONG-Awaited-VIEWING of My *NEW* SECOND SEASON of "GAME OF THRONES" DVDs!!

And, oh yeah, I squeezed in *some* KNITTING, too...

HOWEVER, there's STILL ONE *LAST* DISC left... I'll have to SAVE IT for Tomorrow... nuts!!


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  1. Game of Thrones! :) My boyfriend and I are re-watching the first season right now.


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