Monday, August 9, 2010

DARTH "Rocky" **Strikes** AGAIN!!!

...AND, on SOME Days, The BLOOG pret-ty much *writes* ITSELF!!  --- [sorta...]

Remember, the Other Day...?  Last WEDNESDAY, I believe was the Date of the FIRST incident of what, NOW, appears to be to the machinations of some sadistic SERIAL spree SQUIRREL!!!

OBSERVE, the Below - CRIME SCENE - and the Second, hapless VICTIM in this Reign of Tomato Terror!!

The original BODY DROP location

NOTE - how the PERPETRATOR clumsily attempted to conceal the BODY in the sparse vegetation, a short distance from the actual Crime Scene Area...

Taken AFTER, the BODY was Retrieved from the Porch Side

As You can SEE, much MUTILATION was involved!  And, IF, there were *any* "Next of Kin" LEFT, *to* NOTIFY, they would probably have difficulty in doing so!

The most recent VICTIM ravishly ripped before reaching ripeness.

Afterward, the Individual who initially discovered the Crime Scene was heard to comment:
" wouldn't be so bad, if the little "[*censored*]" ate the WHOLE thing.. But to just take all those bites and THEN decide that It doesn't LIKE it, is a complete WASTE! -- HOPE it makes him sick! "


Well, I've FINALLY finished that Small Plain SNOWHITE Blanket last night. It *should* have ONLY taken me a FEW days to do....  However, this Literary venture has been eating away at my Crocheting time! Still have to come up with a Name for It... 

I mean, really!  A "Christening" blanket, WITHOUT a "name"...?!  It.. just doesn't bode WELL with The Universe, you know? -- Hopefully, I'll come up with one by the time I get around to Its

OH!  Got my First "Booking" for the Holiday Season "In The Works"!

It's my really BIG One that I do every Year at CAIRINE WILSON Secondary School... Two Rooms - I'm in the HUGE Gymnasium. Usually over a 100 Vendors. LOTS of *Wonderful* STUFF!!  And also, extremely WELL organized by the School's VOLUNTEER Staff and STUDENT Council. They have a ginormous parking lot that fills up quickly, with People ending up parking down the road!!


AND, I'll "hopefully", SEE those of You HERE that are Local, THERE....!


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