Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fish-in-a-Box... And, Someone SIBLING This Way Cometh...

FINALLY!!  More than ONE Yard Sale!!

Not like I bought a whole lot, but, I at least had a variety to choose from Today... Naturally, we ended up leaving later than we had hoped.  Our first stop, a Sale in our old neighbourhood on the front lawn of our old Church.  Proper Parking was scarce, so had to drop Mother off and then find a place around the corner.

And, of course, also haul the few items that we were dropping off to donate. Thankfully, I had talked Her OUT of bringing more, otherwise, I would have had to make a few trips to the car!

Anyway, not certain about what She bought - expect for some bag of YARN that She found under some excavation of clothing and the odd book... I think...?  As for myself, it was a few CD soundtracks - that, *hopefully*, I don't already HAVE!!  As well as, a couple of "coffee table" type reference Tomes for a buck-a-piece, and a little pictorial thing on Brittany for Father.

Almost bought some needlework "easel"-frame contraption, BUT, I have absolutely NO room for it, and actually prefer to do such work "in hand".

From there, it was off to Our FAV "Shopping" Grounds...  Met a few very lovely People... One extremely gracious Asian Lady [and a new Granny!], who gave us - for FREE! - a HUGE bunch of rather good quality Silk Flowers!!  Mother picked up several VERY well priced books there too.  And I, acquired the below 3 1/2" wooden FISH BOX - for only 25 cents!

On my LIST of - probably, far too many - Collections, I have this wee "Thing" for WOODEN BOXES [mostly Cedar] and FISH. Just totally *love* it, when I can combine my Curios!

The next Sale location was run by a couple of sweet Ladies who run a local  WEDDING PLANNING business, apparently... Saw another small nicely [Locally] done oil painting for $5., but didn't get it. Although, the price and quality were *right*, the Subject matter [a pastel-hued cottagey pastoral] wasn't something that I was in need of, nor had an interest in!

However, I'm certain that it would have been Perfect for any "frilly"-type Little Girls' Room...

Afterward, we journeyed on to The MALL... Nothing much happening there, except for a quick run-in with the winsome, CINDERIA!  Then, off we were again to TRAINYARD

A recently developed Retail Park just on the otherside of the OTTAWA TRAIN STATION. There's also a WALMART.  It's actually closer to us, but we hadn't been there for some time. Thought we'd give it a quick check.

Nothing awe-inspiring going on THERE, either!

SO. Homeward bound we were...  BECAUSE.....

My SISTER and the BIG-D [The Hubby] were heading our way!  [SEE Yesterday's Post for further details!]

They were HERE for a few hours - long enough to download a bunch of Her camera pics, show off Our's. And, whilst FATHER and BIG-D partook of Their "GEMINI" Guy-Talk, SIS and MOTHER were TAG TEAMING a "DISNEY" Photo Shoot in the Backyard! Not to mention, the obligatory
"Exchange of the Flora".

And, IF You haven't guessed already, the "Answer" is - NO, I don't GARDEN, either!

I'm the Family NEEDLECRAFT POSTER CHILD and Professional Dust-Bunny Rancher! 
[...DON'T ASK!]


And, NO, this is NOT a photo from MARTHA STEWART LIVING or, COUNTRY LIVINGTHIS, is just ONE of the many "Seasonal/Holiday" vignettes of my SISTER's **FRONT DOOR**!!

All of the "Artsy-Crafty" accessories are of Her making as WELL!!

Meanwhile, They're at a local Motel for the night, then up early for Their lengthy drive Back East...

STAY TUNED!  Rumour has it, that They'll likely be BACK some time NEXT Month!!


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