Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I became a "TWIT"...and THEN, there was CAKE!

Sorry...  But this is going to be a SHORT Post Today.


Cause, I've spent the last 3+ HOURS - **TRYING** - to "Access", "Set-Up", and "Save" my info on my *new* TWITTER Account!!!  --  AUNTIE_SHAN

Seriously!  IF I see that "over capacity" screen ONE MORE TIME---  "Fowl" will be falling from the Sky!

Personally, I'm strongly beginning to suspect that this whole TWITTER thing is Secretly run by those Nasty Sh*tty CANADA GEESE!!  -- Cool to gaze at from afar, NOT so much, when they're on the ground...

Anyhoo... the ONLY reason I signed up, was so to NOTIFY You All WHEN a POST Entry goes up. And, well, you know... "Advertise"... -- However, so far... ???

Whatever. On to MUCH better Stuff!!

Got to see WEDDING Pictures earlier!!  MAID-MARE looked positively STUNNING amongst her MERRY *Young* MEN!! 

This lovely little CAKE says it ALL!!!


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  1. I'm following you Sno... nice to have found you!!


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