Monday, August 16, 2010

..And Now, We Return Back to Our Regular Daytime Programming...

MONDAYS....'s too quiet... -- Okay. Maybe not... I'll admit, the washing machine going, someone's lawnmower, and those @%#$%@!(^&% ultra-sonic mind-melting whiny BUGS!!! - are rather
"auditory"... -- Actually, it's more like BOREDOM, I suppose. Sort of that - "..nothing to Write Home about.." - kind of feeling...

It was a "NICE" day out - so I can't "b**ch" about the Weather. It's not a Holiday or anyone's Birthday. Everyone is Home safely. The STOCK MARKET wasn't all that thrilling either. And, NO rivetting BLOOG ideas floating about! -- TIME to get OUT of the House!!  Running the "odd" errand was The Excuse...

Alrighty then... THAT worked. NOT. -- sorta...

Traffic was light. Got My GOOD Parking! Got My lottery tickets. Got My refund. Saw who I wanted to See. Didn't get what I wanted to get. Or NEEDED to get. FORGOT to mail a letter... OH! Bought Chocolate Chips!!  So, I suppose ALL was not LOST!

However, STILL had NO ideas for Today's POST!!  And, I had even remembered to bring My Camera!

UNTIL... I went on the Cyber-Hunt...

Checked out  COBI LADNER's latest Post...  And got a Creative "epiphany". Something, I might play around with doing Tomorrow, perhaps..  I'll let You know how it turns out, later.

THEN, it was off to go Bird-Watching on TWITTER... Found a WHOLE bunch of People and Things to FOLLOW! -- And, SOME were actually helpfully informative!  huh..

Once I was off, decided to go through My "JUNK DRAWER" FILE of interesting Pics and such... Eventually, came up with THIS Combo... - "BIRDS" do appear to be The Theme this Week, aren't they?


The overly-tweaked Cardinal is one of MOTHER's Pics... He was about a FOOT away from the Window!!  And, the Blanket is XMAS CROSS - done in RED, SAGE, and IVORY.

Ooooo!!  I just WON $7. again on the Lottery!!   Okay. So. MAYBE, *not* such a Boring Day afterall!!


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