Sunday, August 29, 2010

..Once Upon a Time...


When Laptop Computers CAME with EARPHONES!  You know, so that You could Watch and LISTEN to Your DVD on a Plane. Or, more often than not, while WAITING in a Terminal FOR Your plane. And Perhaps, work on that Business stuff on the side too, at the same time...

Ooooo! Now, there's a CONCEPT! ONE Device that DOES all these Things, on a Screen BIG enough not to cause RETINAL damage!

Okay, so..what... I *missed* a "Meeting" here...???

It would seem, "apparently", in some MISGUIDED "Trend de Jour" and, in effort to [I'm assuming] lessen Travel WEIGHT, yadda, yadda.. that IT'S the tiny WEB-book and/or, iPHONE that are THE Devices TO Have!  BTW, neither of which comes with a DVD player, OR, a MAGNIFYING Glass!!  Oh, but hey, They DO have Earphones!! -- I would think...?

And Cyber-Space forbid, that Anyone be able to DO any actual BUSINESS to pay FOR the Download TIME of that Movie-On-A-Postage-Stamp-Screen.


Oh, and don't forget the 3 or 4 CHARGERS You need to pack and the 4 pounds of AA-Batteries!  Because, as much as I love them, those Travel-size SOLAR Panel Chargers, really don't weigh any less and STILL confound the Airport Security Guys!

Soooo. You're all wondering WHAT started me on THIS particular "Commentary"...? WELL! Let me tell You!

Whilst perusing the STORE FLYERS the other Day, I "noticed" in the one from FUTURE SHOP, that My recently purchased Shiny RED Portable Hard Drive - KYLIE, was NOW, $10. cheaper!!  Hmmm....

Didn't have the TIME to explore My chances on getting a bit of a Refund Yesterday, but, Today was looking pretty good... AND, I could do with the WALK to get the Kinks out. Only a 12-minute jaunt...

VOGUE-ette Girl at CUSTOMER SERVICE was refreshingly HELPFUL with My "pricing adjustment". I had also brought in My Computer's EARPHONES - [the RIGHT one seems to be busted] - in hopes of getting an "Exchange"... Still have a few Months LEFT on that WARRANTY, that I paid SO much for.

Unfortunately, She didn't have the Volume Adjustable ones that I needed... Suggested that I check with the COMPUTER SERVICE DESK. -- No prob. I had already figured that I would end up THERE anyway, in regards to this particular matter.

I was waiting for, what... 6, 7 minutes BEFORE one of the In-House Teckies "noticed" Me! - I pity the poor Woman ahead of Me who was waiting on Her "Guy" to come back out!

I reiterated My AUDIO dilema to the Not-So-Strapping-GEEK-BOY, as He fondled said "accessory" like He's wondering WHICH part goes into the Ears! -- "..huh.. I've never heard of Earphones coming with Laptops..."

[INSERT:  AUNTIE-Billy-Gates-Contemporary STRUGGLING to refrain with the Rapier come back!] - [And, YES, I actually DO know how to Fence, too!]

HOW old IS this Kid...?  And, where's KYLE?

AFTER another 5 minutes of Him secluded behind The Glass at HIS Terminal attempting to LOCATE a "part" Number [or whatever], He returns with the "Instruction" of NEEDING to get the SERIAL NUMBERS off of My Machine! 

WHY is it, that I have this sneaking SUSPICION that AFTER 3 years, even the People at HP don't KNOW that THEIR Laptops USED to come WITH Earphones?!!  -- Anyone want to give Me ODDS?

I cordially bade Him thanks and proceeded to further enjoy the Air-Conditioning [It's 30C out] by perusing the DVD section. Ended up investing most of My "Refund" with the purchase of SHERLOCK HOLMES!

Ah, perhaps THE OLD BOY, will be able to share some insight on My apparent Technological-Progressively-Challenged plight - AS I Crochet a VOODOO Doll of G-B!


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