Sunday, August 1, 2010


Unlike MAJOR-M, KAHUNA-J doesn't "currently" live in Hawaii... [Nor, anywhere even remotely near Here, either!  *NUTS*!HOWEVER, he does just happens to BE part Hawaiian!!   And, oh BTW, have I mentioned that he's also a really tall, dark, gorgeously handsome, rather strapping, young Lad...? 

No?  Hm, sorry, must have slipped my mind...  [Whilst trying to remind myself that he's ALSO *very* smittenly married and a doting Father of 2 even more gorgeous Munchkins!

Oh, well... Probably for the best, anyway, as I have *STUFF* to DO Today!  -- Which, is WHY THIS is a short Entry and that I'm Posting early. IF, I have TIME, and/or "something" of interest occurs, then I'll add it in Later...

In the meantime, here, LOOK at THIS for awhile!  Should keep you BUSY for a few seconds!

Got the cheap RIBBONS yesterday at MICHAEL'S. Oh, and that's a snippet of  HOLY COW!


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