Thursday, August 26, 2010

DAY of the DULL...

TODAY I think, was a minor PREVIEW of what Weather lies ahead... It's still SUMMER - yet, the First Day of AUTUMN is not that far off in These Parts... -- Hey, I saw My first Leaf-TURNING Tree just last Weekend!

The Day's Weather was mixed - cool Temps, Sunny early on, then clouds, gusting winds, scattered DOWNPOURS, and Sunny once more! Suppose to be a tad chilly tonight... However, rather WARM Tomorrow and for the REST of the Weekend!

Whether this will be Our "Last" bout of SUMMER...? Around Here, I think We all have better odds at guessing the right LOTTERY Numbers!!

This *was* BRONX. SIS and BIG-D's beloved German Short-Hair Retriever. He had to be put down last year as He was suffering from several ailments. Rumour has it, that He's apparently been
"haunting" Their house... If so, then They all seem to be fine with it. In which case, He'll no doubt, be adding a bit more ambiance to Her annual HALLOWE'EN Decor!


Well, I have errands to run Tomorrow... Perhaps, "something" of Note will occur...?  OTHER than, the aging queue of Seniors at the Bank!


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