Thursday, August 19, 2010


When  does MERCURY retrograde again...?  I only ask, as TWITTER has been *totally* VEXING Me!!!  Just after, I had Posted Yesterday's BLOG Notice last Night, it seems that FLYING MONKEYS had ***REMOVED*** EVERYONE'S "LISTS"!!!

For the Non-TWERPS out there, "THIS" IS **NOT** A GOOD THING!!  Ended up spending some
portion of the REST of My Evening "wondering" WT% Happened! -- Was a tad *stressful*... 
The PROBLEM has since, been Resolved. For Now...

No matter! TODAY was MUCH better!!

...EXCEPT, maybe, for that "little" MID-AIR *INCIDENT*... Which, I'm more than certain, is now all the Buzzzz back at The HIVE!

[FYI NOTE:  I'm *ALLERGIC* to Bees, Wasps, etc.]

Sooo. I'm backing out of My driveway, NO one around, My window is OPEN... Just about to complete My angle out and put it into DRIVE... WhenAllOfASudden!! "SomeTHING" blurrrs past My Face, whacks the Inside of the Windshield and bounces toward the Passenger side [closed] window...!

Thankfully, that "UNIVERSAL/SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM/REALITY-SHOW-AS-WE-KNOW-IT" big honking PAUSE BUTTON was Pressed, long enough for THE NEURON GUYS to "review"....

Let's JOIN Them, shall We?

  • Hmm... Car's in the Middle of the Road - NOT a "Safe" place to be.
  • Should probably move it OUT of the way of any Traffic that is SURE to come along.
  • Some "Creature" is definitely IN the Vehicle, BEHIND You! 
  • Is that sound, BUZZING...??!! 
  • QUICK, take a peek to the Right... 
  • OHH, SH*T!!!

[PLAY BUTTON is once again Pressed]

As I have a "BENE GESSERIT Moment" [READ "DUNE" it's a great book!], I [cough!] calmly keep on driving a little ways to pull into the nearby Bus Stop Lane. Put it in PARK and slowly REACH over to the Right to wind DOWN the [yeah, I actually PREFER manual!] Window, so that MR. BUDDY BEE can effect his attempts to ESCAPE!

O-kay... Uncertain Death has been averted! Now, IF I can get through the next mile to THE MALL, then Bonus!  ...Is that an Ambulance at the Seniors' Home over there...?  Don't Look! Keep going, You have a Green Light...

Today's "Mission Assignment" was to meet up with LOLLIPOP's Mom, as apparently, she expressed [to MOTHER yesterday] an interest in getting Another one of My "BABIES"!



Ironically, THIS was the One that I had originally "Planned" on Selling to LOLLI's "Aunt", BUT, MOTHER *thought* It would be too strongly hued for an Infant... However, THESE [TURQUOISE, LIME, PALE YELLOW, NEMOBLU] are the Colours in the Nursery!  And, the HUBBY had some minor issue with the small amount of "pink" in the Other One...

Anyway, TWO of My "BABIES" are going to be able to happily Live Together!! 



Yesterday's DOG CONTEST is now Closed. Word has it that "Celebrity" Judges - somewhere in Ireland - with the assistance of *much* GUINNESS, will be making Their "Selections" Tonight...? Should know how "SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER" did [or didn't] some time Tomorrow.

Oh, and when You're finished HERE, POP over to my Latest TWEET "Follower" RAMBLING RENOVATORS for some more Decor insight. And My #1 Bloog "Follower" CAROLYN for some fabulous fabric Designs!


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