Saturday, September 18, 2010

"..NO, You Can't BUY It! -- It Won't FIT Into The CAR!!.."

"AND besides, You already HAVE Four!!"

Sentiments, that I did My utmost to IMPRESS upon MOTHER as She was contemplating in Buying ANOTHER Sewing Machine & Table for $10.... Truly, We have NO room for it at Home - the OTHER ONE She's got, has Stuff piled on top of it! And then, there's the Part where FATHER would have a bit of a Snitfit.

BTW, did I mention the Fact, that there was NO room IN the CAR?! Because, the Back Seat was currently occupied with THIS:

Sorry, about the Pic being really weird-looking - [Besides, You Guys could USE a little "Mystery"!] - but, I'd already had Junk stored on it when I took it... FATHER never saw IT coming into the House, so It's in "disguise"...

As to It's TRUE IDENTITY - It's a PORTABLE BUTCHER-BLOCK TABLE. There's a couple of Wheels on the Left Side... 20x24in Top and 34in high - weighs a TON! Sooo, grateful that It HAS Wheels!! It took a bit of doing, getting It into the Back Seat of Our SMALL Vehicle.

And, We DON'T have a "Hatch" Lid on the Trunk! Hence, My discouragement regarding the possible Purchase of the Sewing Machine. As well, that upon closer examination, the Machine was MISSING
a particular "PART" and, It's INSTRUCTION BOOK!

MOTHER **KNOWS** Sewing Machines!!

In the End, We ALL compromised on the acquisition of a Disassembled Wooden Cradle instead. - For the possible use by My Future Great-Niece, THE BUMP! - It was all wrapped up and just FITTED behind the Front Seats... $3. of MORE "Heaviness"! And, the LAST of Our YARD SALE-ing. We had OTHER Stuff to DO!

BUT, more on ALL of THAT, Later... Time NOW, to get back to the BEGINNING of the Day!

Was Sunny and quite CRISP earlier on - 7C! We headed straight out to the GLOUCESTER EMERGENCY FOOD CUPBOARD Sale. - [SEE Yesterday's Post for Further DETAILS]

You know, I *really* am GLAD, that We had that PRE-SALE Buying "Opportunity" Yesterday! As, Those ITEMS would surely have been GONE! However, there was STILL "Stuff" to be HAD - like the afore-mentioned BUTCHER-BLOCK...

Which cost Me all of $5.! Seriously, I WASN'T going to Pass on It at THAT Price. It's STURDY and in Perfect Condition. Actually, at first, I had thought that It was one of THEIR "Display" Tables... As likely, did Everyone ELSE! -- It never hurts to ASK about such Items at these Events, because You never know...

I also picked up - for $3. - THIS Pair of 16x20in Masonite DECORATIVE PLAQUES... Originally from HOMESENSE with Their $24.99 Price Tags STILL on the back!

MOTHER picked up a Folding Metal PLANT-STAND for $2. - that THANKFULLY, came apart! - and, for a Dollar, a Box of SEWING MACHINE PARTS. Quite a few Specialty "FEET", that WILL go with Her "other" Machines...

We were There for a good half hour and about 4 trips TO the Car! Then, it was off to the Regular Haunts.... NOTHING, in THAT particular Area, however, there was this "trail" of SIGNS to a "RUMMAGE SALE" over at the Nearby "Commercial Park"...

Turned out to be a Sale of STORAGE UNIT Stuff... Lots of badly packed boxes with a diverse variety of Items. I picked up a couple of GARMENT BAGS - still packaged - for 25 Cents! They'll be handy for My CRAFT SALES in Transporting My BLANKETS. And, possibly My RACK UNITS... Hmm...

Off once more, to do Groceries and other necessary errands... The much NEEDED Item of the Day, was one of those OLD Electrical Panel FUSE "Holder" Thingies.. For the past "several" Days, one of the two HOT Water Tank FUSES have been BLOWING! After 3 blown Fuses, and a little
"experimentation" later, I determined that the PROBLEM, was the HOLDER. It's like 30 YEARS OLD!

The new LOWE'S actually had a couple of BOXES of Them, and for a Cheaper [if You can call it that] Price than the Competition! While there, I also picked up a STACK of Various PAINT CHIP Brochures... I find the Colour Combos to be INSPIRING. And, that They often have some rather lovely Decorated "Room" Examples - a number of which, that I feel, are much BETTER than what's in MOST Decor Magazines!

The remainder of Our "Expeditions" was pretty much the "same old, same old"... AFTER, getting everything OUT of the Car and "sorted" out INSIDE the House, I was exhausted. NONE of all that WOOD Today, was on the LIGHT side! I'm sure that I'll be FEELING it, Tomorrow. Going to ENJOY My new *HOT* WATER!!


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