Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1-900-TRAFFIC - Call NOW! Vehicle Operators are Driving By!

THIS Morning, the SUN was shining as I ate My Breakfast, whilst reading the Paper with an Ear listening to the TV, and the odd pitter-patter of Raindrops... Wait, a sec... RAIN?? The Sun is SHINING! And, THAT ain't NO Tropical Beach down the Block!

And, of course, It STOPS just as MOTHER approaches the Porch Door to check out the Weather conditions...

"..Hmm.. It's still sunny... I should put some Laundry out...-- Did it rain?"

"It's been raining for the last 10 minutes.. - IN the sunlight.."

"Huh. We have to go out.. IF I do a Load, then it'll probably Rain for sure..."

As soon as She walked away, the Shining Rain fell once again, for several more minutes...

An hour and a half later, We were on the road, heading for THE BIG MALL. I had some Banking to tend to, and MOTHER, was in search of a Birthday Card for SIS.. Dropped Her off "near" the big ART SUPPLY store, then drove around to the Other side, closer to My Bank.

Broke in a New TELLER... And, here I was *thinking*, that I'd be done quickly as there had been NO Line-up!  ...yeah..

A two-minute stop at the closeby Hair Salon to purchase some Shampoo. -- From a previous
"recce", I had discovered that Theirs had been the cheapest priced for the Brand that I use. Then, off I was to hook back up with MOTHER.

On a hunch, that She was STILL likely at the FIRST place, I made a slight Detour in that direction... Bingo! There She was, checking out the SCRAPBOOKING PAPER... FIFTEEN minutes LATER, She was done. While I headed to the CHECKOUT, I instructed Her to proceed onward to the CARD stores, and, that I would meet up with Her.

Along My way, I dropped by THE GAP -- it's a pilgrimage thing I do... For once, I *didn't* BUY Anything! Although, the Temptation WAS there!

They've got a bunch of Things in My FAVOURITE shade of dark AMETHYST - sort of an AUBERGINE... -- [Later, I was to Park across from a vehicle in that Same Shade.. I sense a Trend..]

And, there was this dark FERN Green too... Hmm, I have YARN in that Colour...


I could FEEL My Charge Cards trying to CLAW Their way OUT of My Pocket....!

Found MOTHER coming out of the Second Card Store. Then, was dragged back to the First one. -- She never did GET one!

Later, We were off to COSTCO for Eggs and Milk. Plenty of Parking for a change - ONCE, I got PAST the Customers who like to CROSS-in-FRONT-of-You-WITHOUT-LOOKING-BECAUSE-They-Have-a-Personal-FORCEFIELD!!

And, oh, let's NOT forget, the SUV/MiniVAN Drivers who kind of MISSED that Reality Show
"Episode" of
, where the Main Character actually comes to a COMPLETE Stop AT the Stop Sign!!

I wonder if I could get a Job at the PSYCHIC HOTLINE?!

And, why are ALL the Relatives of Those Questionably-Licensed-Motor-Vehicle-Operators always in FRONT of Me at the Checkout...? Or, suddenly BLOCKING the Aisles...?

We left in Time, to hit a touch of RUSH HOUR Traffic on the way to THE MALL. -- There's Construction going on at one of the BUSIER Intersections! Only stayed long enough at THE MALL to pick up some groceries and the Weekly LOSING Lottery Tickets!

Outside, ominous Clouds were looking for Us... We managed to make it Home, WITHOUT incurring Their possible Wrath!


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  1. Loving that color! Can't wait to see what you work it into!


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