Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rural In The City

FOR quite some time now, I've "noticed" in the "TRENDY" Decor Magazines, a leaning toward EVERYTHING being SO Polished and Precise to the Point of being COLD. STERILE. -- Seriously, WHO actually really "LIVES" in these HOUSES?

And I use the word, "House", deliberately. Because, they are certainly *not* "HOMES"! -- Except perhaps, for the Alien ARMANI Android People.. Who ONLY use the Edifices for Entertaining purposes, and later, go to "occupy" their ginormous Closets...

It's NOT that I don't appreciate a Minimalist or a highly Refined Aesthetic - however, IN One's
"Dwelling", THIS "look" is just too MUCH! -- Unless, of course, You also happen to be able to AFFORD that extra "PARTY" HOUSE...

BUT, when The BAND and Bartenders are gone, Everyone NEEDS Someplace to go to that's COMFY and HOMEY to sleep it off! A Place, where, You're NOT afraid to *LIVE* in! Where, the odd bit of CLUTTER, actually gives the Place some WARMTH. Makes it WELCOMING! Where, it's okay to leave FINGERPRINTS!

I think the TURNING POINT for Me, was WHEN this "TREND" moved over to COTTAGES!! It was as if People were TELE-PORTING Their Slick-Shiny Party-Palaces into the middle of a Field or Beachfront! And, in essence, TOTALLY defeating the entire CONCEPT of "Getting AWAY from the City".

ALAS, "Someone" has SEEN the LIGHT in this *new* DECADE... COUNTRY "CHIC" has FINALLY begun the Journey toward URBAN "FARMHOUSE"!! ...At least. it "appears" to be....

I came across THIS "BLOG ENTRY" by JENNIFER MURRAY over at CANADIAN HOUSE AND HOME, earlier Today.


HERE's a Couple that might fit the Bill of this *new* CONCEPT.... -- There are MORE available, You just have to Ask...

On Top - "ZUNI-SUNRISE" in PALE YELLOW, SEAGLASS, and ZUNIBLU. On the Bottom - "BISTRO CHECK" in RED and IVORY. -- Oh, and part of MOTHER's Backyard Garden.


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