Thursday, September 2, 2010

BOO! -- "DECOR" Mag Day! Hallowe'en Edition!

Ooooo!  SCARY....

BTW, that "Cooler" Weather that's suppose to be headed THIS way... sure is taking ITS sweet time!  Granted, it was slightly less intense than Yesterday, however the Humidity was still on the high side. Thankfully, by the time I left the House after lunch, a breeze was starting up.

So, the Downtown Core is just bustling with Students heading back to the UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA
Campus that's right in the middle of it all. Dropped by the RIDEAU CENTRE to have looksee of what was "Happening" in FASHION and, to check out those Back-To-School SALES!

After My appointment, I stopped by a little shop along My way to the nearest Bus Stop. PLANET BOTANIX - where I picked up THIS cute Cardinal Glass Ornament for MOTHER. It's a sweet little Place, with a variety of accessories for that "Quiet" Time Garden and/or "Tranquil" Retreat.

And, the Air-Conditioning was great!

Eventually, made My way back to THE MALL - had a few things to do there and to say HI to TICKET WICKET GUY. Hadn't seen Him for a while, We keep missing each other!

Meanwhile, the Weather was starting to cloud over finally, with the odd spit of Rain. TIME to GET Home! And JUST, made My connection!  A good thing too, as 5 minutes AFTER getting into the House... DOWNPOUR!!

Received My October Issue of COUNTRY LIVING earlier Today. Chalkful of nifty HALLOWE'EN Ideas! I'll have to pass them along to SIS - I think H-DAY decorating is bigger for Her than CHRISTMAS!



  • P.28 - Skeletal Arm&Hand metal Salad Servers. [POTTERY BARN] Creepy and cool! And there's a
    "contest" to win them... Will have to check that out.
  • P.32 - With the exception of 2 of the 5 CHAIRS here, the Others are just outright frightening!

  • P.34 - Animal "Trophy Heads", but done in a variety of Materials. I am soooo loving this RHINO one from ANTHROPOLOGIE!

  • P.52 - The DIY Cheesecloth Ghouls are fun!
  • P.59-60 - And, so are these Stacked Pumpkins with the Arm&Hand Carving across the Two. As well as the Fireplace Flaming Pumpkins.
  • P.78-85 - This entire Article has numerous rather quaint "Old School" items throughout.
  • P.99 - Oh, and wondering WHAT to do with those Leftover White Paper Wedding BELLS..? You better go off and get some MORE of that Cheesecloth before it's GONE!


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