Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hey, WHERE Did That CROWD Come From...?!

FIRST OFF...  *THANK YOU* Everyone who has VISITED Here and at My OTHER Site in the last couple of Days! The Traffic increase has been GREAT! [Thanks again RR!] My "BABIES" positively **LOVE** showing Themselves off!

SECONDLY... One of My "VIEWERS" - LACEY - asked about My WASHCLOTH Prices... Currently, the Base Prices are:
  • 2 for $6. - Your Colour Choice
  • 4 for $10. - Your Colour Choice
  • 1 set for $8. - 3set-combo
  • 2 sets for $15. - 3set-combo

PLUS the Cost of POSTAGE - And THAT will VARY depending on how MANY You want and WHERE They're going! For the Moment, I can ONLY ship Items to CANADA and The U.S. -- It's just TOO Costly to ship OVERSEAS. And IF I do, it's via "SURFACE" Post, which is about 8 WEEKS to EUROPE! Average NORTH AMERICAN times, anywhere from 1 to 3 WEEKS - depending on HOW it's sent.

And, since CANADIAN and AMERICAN Currencies are still Close to PAR - These PRICES will be in Your respective Currencies Via PAYPAL.

ALSO, bear in mind, MOST of the Costs are because of WEIGHT. I use COTTON Yarn, which is MUCH heavier than any Synthetics and some Wools! The AVERAGE weight of ONE WASHCLOTH is *about* 35 to 40 grams! -- Then, plus Packaging... and "Canadian" Postal Rates...

Meanwhile, if ANY of You ARE interested... SEND Me a COMMENT - that INCLUDES Your E-DRESS so that I can CONTACT You DIRECTLY. The WAY I have the "Comments" Gadget set Here, I am UNABLE to Directly Answer You. AND, I will DELETE Your Message - laterIF it includes an
E-Dress - to PROTECT Your Privacy.


Hmm... ANOTHER dark and dreary Day... Chilly, too. Although, it's "suppose" to be warmer and sunnier Tomorrow... Yeah. I'll BELIEVE that, WHEN it's happening!

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to churn out Those WASHCLOTH Sets... In between My BLOOGING! Still working on the "Christmas" Combos... When I get to the OTHER Colour Sets, I'll take more Pics. Until then, You'll just have to stare at THIS to keep You occupied!

This is "HOLLYBERRY BREAKFAST" - done in PALE YELLOW, RED, KIWI, and CORN, with CHOCOLATE in the Trim. Would probably look great in some cozy Kitchen Nook..


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