Tuesday, September 21, 2010

..BAD Girl. BAD Girl. Whatcha Gonna Do?...

¯...WHATCHA gonna DO, WHEN the YARN Hooks You?...¯

Okay. FOR "The RECORD" - I *haven't* bought ANY Yarn for TWO MONTHS!! Give Me a break!
-- Besides, IT's RED and PINKish and Different SHADES Inbetween... Of course, there was a DOWNSIDE... The damn PRICE went UP!! -- By a THIRD!

I. Am. Soooo. NOT. A. *HAPPY-CAMPER*. Over. THAT!

And, the QUALITY is slightly on the THINNER side, too. -- BTW, if You haven't guessed already, I'm talking about FACTORY ENDS here. Looks like, I'll be using THIS Stuff *more* for WASHCLOTHS
or, in My BLANKET "Border" Trims.

Either way, It's still CHEAPER than the Regular Large-size BALLS!

Meanwhile... BEFORE getting to THE MALL to make My "unexpected" Yarnful Purchase, I popped into the nearby FUTURE SHOP to pick up a couple of Just-Out-TODAY DVDs. Ahh... *Fresh* VIEWING to CROCHET by!


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