Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NO Decor Mags in My Mail Today...

POO! What's THAT about?! I was really hoping to get at least ONE Today. Because, although it's not Raining, the Weather was still dark and dreary. AND, cooler! None of which boded well, with the unexpected SORE Throat I woke up to earlier this Morning!

For SOME mysterious Reason, My Right Tonsil area is inflamed... NOT pleasant. And, just a tad bothersome as such "ailments" tend to mess up My problematic Eustachian Tubes... I've been overdosing on the VITAMIN C *all* Day!

Yeah. I know... T.M.I. and, doesn't it just suck to be Me! Huh? -- I'd post a Pic of the "Fur Ball" posing as a Ball of YARN that's trying to block My Windpipe, but I don't want to frighten Anyone! And, HALLOWE'EN isn't for another Month!

Meanwhile, I've been making good progress on the "LITTLE" SECRET "PROJECT"... PART 1 [of 3] is about halfway complete.


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