Tuesday, September 28, 2010



And, I loathe the SOUND of constantly DRIPPING Water!  It took a looong while for Me to fall asleep.. Hence, I ended up waking much LATER than I had planned on doing for this Morning. Had STUFF to DO!

The Precipitation had ceased, WHILST, I had My breakfast... But then, just BEFORE going out, IT started again! Only drizzle - this time - but, still...come on..!

Oh, and it was also, MUCH warmer Outside than I had expected. Quite BALMY, actually. In fact - and MUCH to My surprise - the Car's Side-Mirrors and Windows had all FOGGED up!!  I don't think I can EVER remember THAT happening, "when" it's been IN the Garage!

Anyway, picked up a few "Specials" at a couple of Grocery Stores along the way to The BIG MALL. Had to go to the Bank and, was hoping to MISS the PENSION CHEQUE DAY line-ups. Which, I did - technically... My "wait" was more along the [pardon the pun] Lines of Only-the-Two-NEWEST-Tellers-Are-Allowed-To-Work-Right-Now.

Eventually, I escaped their Financial Clutches! Got My "Exercise" in with a swift TOUR of the Retail Route - with a momentary Pit Stop at THE GAP - and returned to My defogged Vehicle sans ANY Purchases.

Next Stop - WALMART. Stocked up on some Sale Food items there. Checked out the YARN Section... Which I have to say, is starting to look seriously "sparse" these days! I can only *hope* that, that means NEW Inventory will SOON be arriving...?!

If so, can't WAIT! -- That is, IF, I live long enough to! -- Whilst coming out of the TRAINYARDS Shopping Area - there's this very broad 4-WAY STOP Intersection - I was ABOUT to Turn LEFT, *WHEN* some VOTED-MOST-LIKELY-TO-BE-MET-UPSIDE-THE-HEAD-WITH-KARMA Driver *BLOWS* the Stop Sign!!

Granted, HE probably couldn't SEE it because of the rather LARGE BUS to his RIGHT that was blocking it... HOWEVER, there ARE all these FRESH and nicely painted LINES on the Roadway to CLUE One in on the whole "Intersection" Thing!

ONCE past My brush with STUPID People, I made My way to THE MALL for additional needed Items. -- Ooooo! Looky!  A Package of FACTORY ENDS in the much sought after TOFFEE Colour! YAY!

So. Now... Have some CRAFT SHOW Matters to deal with, and then, it's back to The LSP...


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