Friday, July 30, 2010

The POSTAL-PERSON is My *NEW* "BFF"!! -- at least Today...

SO, what's the "Deal" here...?  Are the PLANETS in some massively fortuitous alignment, OR, are we just moments away from getting smucked by a grain of Cosmic Gravel?  -- IF, I win again on the Lottery tonight, then I'll know for sure that SOMETHING is amiss with MY Universe!

NOT, that I'm "complaining"... It's just the abundance of *GOOD* little things happening Today. Makes me a teeny bit wary is all. Don't want to pull a neck muscle from looking over my shoulder, you know...?

And WHAT, You ask pray-tell, has put me into this apprehensive happy-dance mood?  Well, let's review, shall we?

The morning POST is a good start and source!  Ooooo.... yet, *another* DECOR Mag!! - SEPTEMBER issue of  CANADIAN HOUSE AND HOME - the "Other" popular Canadian decor magazine. - But, a Review of That LATER....

Next up... - Wait. Let me sit down here for this one... - Is THAT, one of those telltale [recycled brown paper*GOVERNMENT* envelopes...?   [insert single raised brow]  Hmmm....  I've already received all of my expected "Government" money for this month and, I don't recall having to give them any more either...  Double-hmmm...

Okay, I guess I'd best open it up, huh?  [insert both raised brows and open mouth] - **WELL**!!!  Just bury me in my ceiling-high filled room of Yarn!!  It's, it's... M'GINNY MULLAH!!  -- Those here from Ontario KNOW what I'm referring to here...


Alrighty then, looks like I'll be adding a trip to the Bank on my Travel List for the Day!

Oh, and I should note here as well, the Weather today was also freaking Perfect!!  Pleasantly cool, sunny, with just the right bit of breeze...  Although, the UV may be going through the roof, but who cares at this point, really!?

Had to go get milk... But first, needed to go to the afore-mentioned financial institution at The BIG MALL.  Where [after finding perfect parking!], I also did a quick run-through...  And, *nuts*!  Forgot to bring my camera!  So that I could take pics of wonderous things to show off here.

Speaking of which... I dropped by BOWRING - they had all these big honking SALE signs in the Windows!  Who could resist?  And, occassionally, they have the odd cool, inexpensive little item... Like the cute little glass bird things I got for Mother - she has a birthday coming up and she likes birds and they were *really* cheap, yet cute [I mentioned that already, didn't I?] and shiny too!  I'd take a picture of them, but alas, I had the lovely young Store Clerk wrap them for me... 

Anyway, whilst there, I noticed these rather nifty clear glass FISHBOWLS - shaped like Fish, but more vase-like than bowlish...  Whatever, that's when I realized that I had forgotten to bring my camera!  But here's a Website pic of it. - Actually, they looked better in-person. - Not sure, but I think they may have also come in various sizes...

Glass fishbowl, small - 12"
Our price: $24.99 Compare at: $39.99

Just thinking here... And I'd really hate to *ruin* the glass, BUT... wouldn't this look great and novel as a "centerpiece", IF it had some LIVE Fish inside - just for the Evening...? 

Later, after returning from my morning foray, I checked my E-MAIL.... Ah!  A quick note from LOLA's GRANNY!!  Haven't heard from Her in a spell. So, another notch on the LIST of Pleasant Surprises!


Not really certain if it's Her doing, however, since SUZANNE DIMMA took over the Editorial reins, I have noticed a rather VIVID change in the overall LOOK to the Publication - in particularly, in the visual aspect of its Advertising. Most Advert pages, NOW, appear to be much BOLDER and in your face with their Photography and Art. More often than not, I can be looking at a page and think, that it's a Lead Page to an Article, but then, see the small-print blurb stating that it's actually an Advert!  I appreciate this aesthetic Style in Publishing.

Despite that sentiment however, I didn't really find a whole lot in THIS Issue - besides the usual stuff - that really stood out. At least, for me, personally... Expect perhaps, for these Notations:

  • P.62 - I'm liking the Dragonfly fabric on those pillows - I like dragonflies. They eat mosquitos! Hence, makes them my one and ONLY favourite Insect! Plus, they are kinda cool looking!  On that same page.. that small Arch-Framed Antique Mirror... I think I may have spotted something similar at a Yard Sale not too long ago...?
  • P.115 - The backdrop for those B & W photos... Looks like wood-slatted blinds...?  I'm liking this idea.
  • P.118-119 - The Pearl-String Chair - visually STUNNING!  Practicality... not so much... DON'T own CATS!

TOMORROW -  *Saturday*!  Yard Sale Day once more!  And it's also a long Holiday Weekend for Us here... Which means -- either NOTHING, like last weekend!  OR, TONS, cause the Weather has cooled down!!

It's all a matter of Astrophysical Gravitation, I suppose!!  --- Here! FLIP This!  I call TAILS...

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