Monday, July 26, 2010

**Happy ALOHA Birthday, MAJOR *M** !!!

I sooo miss MAJOR-M!!  And, NOT  just because she happens to live in HAWAII...

..okay... *maybe*, just a LITTLE bit!!  Besides, who could resist, huh? ...the awesome weather, the smell of Tropical sea air, the sand, the surf, the abundance of eye-candy tanned strapping young Lads partaking of the afore-mentioned... 

..oops!  Sorry. Just having a teeny "flashback"... Ignore the crazy "mature" [not that OLD or DEAD yet!!] Lady writing the Blog...  Probably just all the cotton yarn fiber-fluff around here.. [FAIRY-T..? Behave! I can hear you, snickering!]

Where was I...?  Ah. Yes. MAJOR-M... another dear old friend, that I haven't seen in ages! -- Actually... come to think of it, didn't we "meet" because of a "strapping young lad"...!!  --
Good times, GOOD times...


In the meanwhile, on the YARNish front... Tonight, I've begun the first of the plain SNOWHITE Baby-size "Christening" Blankets. What with all these babies getting born THIS year, there may be [hopefully!] a request for such. One must always keep the INVENTORY stocked!


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