Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another "Decor" Mag in-the-Mail Day!! -- And, Am I *THERE* Yet?!


Okay, before I get into "what's" in this new issue, I have to make some General commentary here. The is an American publication and as such, different advertising and whatnot apply.  Overall, this is not a bad magazine, *however*, it could stand to lose the half dozen pages dedicated to their "Pharmaceutical" Sponsors! --- Seriously, Guys, THIS is a "Decor Mag", not **JAMA**!!  [Journal of the American Medical Association

Anyhoo.. what I *really* DO enjoy about the Magazine - besides, it's primary content - was the awesome deal I got on the Subscription!  Even with the currency exchange rate at the time, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to sign up for 2 years. And, instead of receiving the issues via the Publisher's "Canadian" outlet [would be cheaper for them, I would imagine?], they nevertheless, keep sending it to me from the States... Which, BTW, **costs** them nearly $4. EVERY issue in Postage!! 

If someone in "Accounting" over there ever bothered to "DO the MATH", they would discover that AFTER what I've paid them, They are in the hole for the cost of magazine itself AND almost HALF of the postage!!!  --- And People wonder how that whole Mortgage Meltdown thing got started... 

So, WHEN my Subscription expires, late NEXT Year... Let's hope that the Magazine is still solvent and that no one has done an "audit"....!

Now, back to our Current Issue...
  • The Cover appears to have a nicely done Blue&White Hook Rug, that goes quite well with the matching china Jug on the table. Hmm... apparently, the rug is from TARGET!  Wow, who knew?!
  • P.29-30 - Interesting "World Map" transfer thing on the front of that Dresser. And I'm also liking the Lamp on the next page.
  • P.53 - The Soap Dispenser Mason Jar looks to be a simple DIY if you're looking for something to do.
  • P.56 - Checkout the wickedly cool Double Paint-roller!  Sure cures that PAINT vs. WALLPAPER issue!
  • P.58 - Cutlery Afterlife... Clever, although, I wouldn't recommend it in homes with young children or the accident prone. Especially, those candlesticks!
  • P.85 - Oooo... I've just gotten a "Colour-Combo" Moment!!  I have Yarn in those shades - or close enough to...
  • P.97 - LED Holiday Lights in a bottle... Very FIREFLY!  I *like* this.  Have to remember to mention this idea to my Sister - She *LIVES* to set up Dining and Party "vignettes"!
  • P.99 - Lovely use of Floral Wallpaper scraps -- IF, you can FIND any this nice!

As to the rest of the Day....  SHOCK of Shocks!!  It was ONLY 23C today and also, FELT like 23C!!  We *finally* had a cold front come through last night.

ALL of which I'm VERY grateful for, as I had to take Buses to Downtown!  NOT something that I enjoy doing when the Temps are over 30C... And then, there's the 5K or so of WALKING that I HAD to do!! 

It started out "healthy" enough - you know, instead of waiting in the sun for 10 minutes for the Local Bus, thought that I'd get some "exercise" in and WALK [20 minutes] to the Mall and get my bus into Town from the Transit Station there.  Hey, I even broke the journey up a tad by running into a former co-worker in the parking lot that I was cutting across.

Got to The Mall... did a quick check of  "Factory Ends" source Store -- *still* nothing new!!  Then, off to the Transit Station.

The ELEVATORS are in the middle of being RE-Serviced... However, THANK-YOU-MR.-OTIS, the *one*  that I NEEDED, was operational!!  [bad knees - walking is fine, stairs really are a pain!]  And, oh, look!  My Bus was just coming up!

I get Downtown to the RIDEAU CENTRE Mall to do some quick perusing...  Picked up a cardigan thing at THE GAP that was sooo on sale, that I just HAD to get it!  Then, off onto the next bus further into the Urban Depths of The Core...

So. It's been over a month since I'd been this way.  The "Location" of the CONSTRUCTION was *NEW*...  Hence, the STOP, was a - long - half block up.  Hmmm....  Do I backtrack the distance and go up the other block to my next stop?  OR, continue to the corner, then WALK, [a One-Way street that flows in the opposite direction, so, NO bus route going my way!] the 8 blocks or so to my "appointment"...?

Oh, what the DIFF!  GO FOR IT!! 

An Hour Later - on the way home...

My FIRST mistake - NOT, staying on the bus and sticking to my usual route!  Which, would have taken me to the front of the RC Mall, where I'd have to go through again to get to the Transit "Bridge". INSTEAD, I got off sooner to switch over to the shorter route, where there is a Stop close by...

Remember the Construction...?  WELL, apparently, it was ALSO on the parallel street!!  OH!  LOOK!  **NO**  Stop!!  I-HAVE-TO-*WALK*-3-VERY-*LONG*-BLOCKS-TO-THE-*NEXT*-STOP!!!

And, %$#&$@#  CITY HALL *wants* to build a Transit TUNNEL through HERE!!  With only 2 [maybe 3] stops and BTW, did we forget about the 6-story deep *escalator*...?  Remind me to bring extra bread crumbs WHEN that's all built, so that I don't starve!

The remainder of my odyssey home is somewhat of a blur...

Got off at my local Mall - did another pilgrimage check at "Factory Ends" Store. Dropped by one of the others to chat with a "Customer"...  Hmmm... still Time left on the Bus Transfer... Headed to one of the Stops along the route Home.  Checked the schedule...  Decisions...  Wait 10, or WALK for 18...?

So. The FEET have been UP for a while now...!  Once I post this, I suppose I should get back to doing some actual CROCHETING, huh? 

am **SO** going to be FEELING it Tomorrow!!



  1. I just finished reading from old to new and I've got to say I'm quite enjoying it! :) Will definitely be coming back and passing this blog on to others!


  2. THANKS ..A..!! The More, the Party-er!! :-D


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