Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ggrrrrr.... DRATS! Foiled Again! - And, "Where's the Beach...?"

Cloudy, HUMID, with some wind this morning... And then - when I was out, of course - the odd sprinkle of rain... Later, SUN, Humid, more Sun. The *usual*!

Had a couple of errands to run earlier, between the regular pillaging for *stuff*!!  I'm certain that I spent more time in LINE-UPS, than I did looking for, or doing things.

The GOOD news:  I have enough "on sale" breakfast cereal and frozen pasta meals for the next 2 months!

The BAD news:  They DIDN'T have any Cotton "Factory Ends" at the *Other* branch of THAT "Store".

**NUTS**!!   You know, I was *really* kinda hoping....  Oh, well... Perhaps, THIS branch will have restocked by the time I drop by there tomorrow...

Otherwise, it's been another non-descript day.... Hey! Don't Pout!  I've already warned You that my Life is only as exciting as FATE makes it!  Which, BTW, I try VERY hard NOT to *tempt*!!  -- OH! Hey! LOOK!  I *won* $7. on the Lottery tonight!!  [WOOHOO!]

SEE!?  Now, behave!  I've got a "picture" for You today! 

"SAND and SURF" making like a carpet over the Desert...

SWEET!  I've finally figured out how to make these pics larger... Alrighty, now, we're cookin' here!!

Okay. So. In keeping with the underlying "BEACH" theme that seems to keep cropping up of late here, I thought I might take it up a notch... sorta...  The Blanket is "SAND and SURF", done in PALEBLUE and JUTE.  As for this awesome bit of waving sand seriously looking for a tsunami...

Well... ahhh, let's just say, that I really CAN'T "say"!!  Only... that it's NOT on THIS Continent! -- And just leave it at that, and pretend that NO one "asked"...?  okay?  NO joke!

But, it's still pretty cool though, isn't it? 

Now, see if You can find my Crochet Hook... I think I dropped it...


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