Saturday, July 24, 2010

*DONE*! With 3 Inches to Spare!! -- Surviving the "TERRIBLE TWOs" With TEA!

TODAY's Yard Sale shopping was pretty pathetic - there were only a few out there. And the humidity was somewhat intense, even more than it has been. That, or we're all just too exhausted from it ALL!  Was 29C / 39C humidex, with 10+ UV, despite the cloud coverage...

Bottomline, NOT a single thing was bought, *nor* caught my eye! Mind you, our neighbour down the street appears to be renovating or something - as best as I can tell from afar, they seem to be putting out some interesting items at the Curb... Hmmm....

The local SallyAnn was also a bust. -- Right, so... On to doing the grocery portion of our day...

Not particularly certain, but I believe that there is this old Middle Eastern saying/lament that goes along the lines of - "...Father of Daughters..." - I suspect that I now know what it means and can almost sympathize. At least, in today's example.

What was all starting to look like a "Rockwell Moment" [twenty-something father shopping for baking items with his 2 young daughters -"..they were going to make chocolate cupcakes.."], when the youngest [2-ish] decided to take a DIVE to the floor in a manner and resulting performance, that would have made a WORLD CUP SOCCER  player PROUD! Despite the fact, she sustained absolutely *NO* injury to herself it any way whatsoever, I do believe that the subsequent BANSHEE shrieks may have melted a few shopping carts and set off several car alarms outside!!

BTW, Little Miss Tantrum-Two continued her operatic drama for several minutes as her father vainly attempted to "TALK TO HER".

Yeah. Sure. That'll work... I SEE hearing-aides, baldness, paying for Boarding School, and posting her Bail, in THIS man's future!

And once my earwax drained, I was pretty sure that I could hear the thought-waves of several grandmothers of unspoiled progeny, IN whatever aircraft that just happened to be flying overhead, saying, "...Just give the Kid a quick little slap on the PAMPERS to get her attention!.. THEN, *talk*!"

However, that "MAY" have been my brain-damaged politically incorrect imagination I was hearing...

Anyhoo... Thankfully, the next grocery store was serving TEA! -- That new "INFUSIONS" product from TETLEY -- Quite refreshing, sort of like green tea KOOL-AID...

Then, it was over to THAT low-end department store where I've been acquiring my "Factory Ends" supply...  Hey! I was a *Good* Girl, didn't buy any more - TODAY - just, bought boxes of TEA bags! Besides, there weren't any new packages out... yet...

And speaking of my Factory Ends yarn.... I managed to finish The Blanket last night with THREE INCHES to spare!! SEE :
DON'T know when I'll get around to properly photographing "HOLY COW!" - oh, that's its name BTW - however, I will treat you all to a little Teaser on how it looks!  ENJOY!
FYI -- The lidded 10-inch urn is by a local Ottawa area potter, LIN ALLISON, of PINE-RIDGE STUDIO. One of my all-time Yard Sale finds! Got it for only $2.!!

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