Friday, July 23, 2010

Some *NEW* Patterns -- And, I Survived My FIRST Week!!


Well, I've *finally* gotten around to uploading the BELOW *New* PATTERNS to my Album:  HANDMADEBYAUNTIESHAN  [SEE LINK].  They're in the two Sub-Albums.

BTW, remember that current Blanket that I'm - still - working on [SEE 18JULY2010 Post]?  Well, *another* CLUE... I used ONE of these Patterns!  Hopefully, I can get the thing finished tonight... Ran into a bit of a "snag" last evening, as in, with just about a dozen stitches left to go - I  RAN **OUT** OF THE COLOUR!! 

**HATE**  when THAT happens!!!

So. Now...  Have to "undo" that section, tighten up my Tension a tad, and HOPE, that I can retrieve the length I need!  Otherwise, I'll have to backtrack some more...  And then, I have the last bit of Tailings to weave in... Whatever, at least 2, maybe 3 hours of work...

The Patterns:



5x7 TETRIS-1


6x8 MAZE-2

Oh, and ignore some of the colour choices here... They're mostly for "effect" and I really don't have a lot of those particular shades - just a whole LOT of other ones!  -- Just so You know.

Meanwhile... Wow!  Has it really been a *whole* week since I started this little "experiment"...?  Do hope that it's been "different" for all of You, too!  It's certainly been "educational"  for ME!

So, tomorrow, Saturday...  *YARD SALES* DAY!!  Hopefully, more fascinating Treasures...!? 


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