Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cleaning Up With CHLOE!

IT IS *ALWAYS* a TREAT to get FEEDBACK from CUSTOMERS, FRIENDS, FAMILY... Especially, when They toss in a Photo or 2 of Themselves [or Whomever] WITH one of My "BABIES"! It makes Me HAPPY to know that My KIDS have been placed into a Good Home.

CHLOE field-testing Her "CORAL BEACH" WashCloth! - Courtesy of RAMBLING RENOVATORS

AS in the Case of THIS particular "CORAL BEACH" WASHCLOTH... I was lurking over at the RAMBLING RENOVATORS Blog Site a few weeks back, and thought that this Colour Mix would go well with the Fabrics that RR were planning to use for Their Daughter's "PLAY KITCHEN" that They were in the midst of building...

Long Story Short -- A few grams of Yarn and a Stamp later, and We have CHLOE - doing Her CLEAN-mation Thing!! -- Why is it, that I strongly suspect that Her lovely Parents will NEVER have to Utter the Phrase - "CLEAN YOUR ROOM!"

AND, in Return, I received an absolutely FABULOUS "Thank You" BLOG Post!!  [SEE HERE: ] - THANK YOU back!!

Be sure to CHECK OUT the rest of Their WONDERFUL Blog too, at RAMBLING RENOVATORS!


Well, I believe the WEATHER WIZARDS were with Me Today! Had to do a quick run to the WALMART over at TRAINYARD earlier on. When I walked out of the House, there was this fine, spitting, momentary bit of Rain - no biggie... But, truly, 2 minutes AFTER I finished unloading the Car - DOWNPOUR!

Meanwhile, amongst My Purchases... Picked up some MORE of those JOE FRESH TOTE BAGS. This closer-to-Home Outlet had some in BLACK and B&W PLAID! They'll be Perfect for packaging up that Future BLANKET for BLACK-inista Fan - MOM+BUMP!


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  1. Hi! I love these types of washclothes and I'm actually in need of replacements right now. I have boring white crocheted washclothes, but I love your Coral Beach pattern best! How much do they cost?

    Thank you,



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