Monday, September 13, 2010

PLAID! You're "IT"!!

IN THIS Morning's Newspaper, I came across a "Fashion" Article regaling the "Latest" Attributes of PLAID!  And, with a few "Comments" on It being the "unofficial" National Pattern of CANADA... In particular, the Classic LUMBERJACK Plaid. -- It's "OUR" take on TARTAN.

And, almost like ARGYLE, It never really "goes away"... at least, in THIS Country!

Hey! LOOK! I've got PLAID!

The "LATTICE-PLAID" Pattern is one of Several variations I have that has Yet to be Created. But, some day I'm sure, it'll GET done!

"HIGHLANDER" - Done in UMBER, SAND, RED, and IVORY in the 5x7 Square Size. And, is STILL Available. The Larger [6x8] version of This Colour-Combo is currently Residing in ENGLAND.

"TICTAC BLUE" - Done in BLUE WHITE, DENIM, and NAVY, with FRENCH BLUE Trim, in 6x8. This One, is Snuggling away in Toronto!



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