Saturday, February 2, 2013

yeah..IT must be "GROUNDHOG'S DAY"! -- I've seen that WHITE STUFF *BEFORE*!!


Gee. *ALMOST* TWO DAYS in a row with **NO** PRECIPITATION!! So, of course, THAT *had* to END!! -- Only a "dusting" of FINE POWDER on the Ground. However, IT sporadically continued throughout the Day... Eventually, causing some Roads to be Slightly-SLICK!

Hey! Check IT Out! The ROAD-ELVES seemed to have been Out & About Last Night *SPRINKLING* "COLD-PATCH"-ASPHALT into *SOME* of the GAZILLION **POTHOLES**!! -- I guess THE-CITY got a "CLUE"..?

-- I'm going to *assume* that INSURANCE-CLAIMS from the DOZEN-Plus Tire-*DAMAGED*-Vehicles in about an HOUR on one Particular stretch of "Important"-Roadway the Other Day caused by the Bottomless-PIT-POTHOLES, *might* have been a "HINT"!?!

ANYHOO... After a 2-Minute QUICKIE-SHOVEL of a "PATH" between the Front Door and the Garage, We set out for MICHAEL'S... MOTHER was kinda chomping-at-the-Bit to RIFLE through what was LEFT of Those CLEARANCE-BASKETS!

oh. Look! I found MORE STUFF... Granted, THEY weren't AS LOW-Priced as Yesterday's HAUL, but nevertheless, CLOSE ENOUGH!

MOTHER got a bunch of "JEWELRY"-Stuff that She can probably Use for SCRAPBOOKING or KID'S "GRAB-BAGS"...

Meanwhile, MANAGER-DAVE had the Day-OFF... hmm... Perhaps, I'll see Him TUESDAY..?

Whatever... I finally Dragged MOTHER out. Seeing as the Roads were beginning to get just a tad "IFFY", I decided to head for THE MALL while We still had "DAYLIGHT"! -- hmm... IT's weird... Despite the Fact that We'd only gone into THREE Stores, We still ended up getting HOME *LATE*!?!

oh! BTW, as Promised... Yesterday's STUFF from PIER ONE....

The 12-Inch "SERVING"-TRAY is of somewhat weighty Porcelain. Perfect for CUPCAKES or TARTS or even a Variety of DIPS..? -- Got IT for $9.48 - [70% OFF]

And at 38-Cents Each, the *cute* little PURPLE-FLOWERED CERAMIC-BALLS were just a NO-Brainer to RESIST!!


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