Saturday, June 29, 2013

Actually, in the "Long-Run", being LATE probably was for the Best...

AND, CHEAPER! -- well... sorta... perhaps..? - yeah. okay. *maybe* NOT so much...

So. Of course, MICHAEL'S just happened to be having this GREAT "Time-Limited" 40%-OFF-*ENTIRE*-Regular-Purchases-SALE until 1:00... A perfect Opportunity to "HOARD-UP" on that NEW PATONS ROVING YARN! -- And, LOOK! NO *RAIN*!! - [just OVERCASTness]

right. THAT "happened" *NOT*!! -- By the Time EVERYONE got UP and "ready", there was NO way that We were going to make THAT Deadline!

oh, Look! A "YARD-SALE"-SIGN for the NEXT-STREET-OVER...

There were a Couple of SALES. However, BOTH were Packing-UP! -- I managed to Pinch These TWO RICE BOWLS for a TOTAL of 50-Cents!

THEY're an ample Size... And, got Me to Thinking that, THEY could be Handy to use for Small KNIT-Projects..? - YARN-BALLS could be run through those Holes...

ANYHOO... Eventually, We made it over to MICHAEL'S - *after* 1:00 - and, "Power-Browsed"... MOTHER hasn't been There for quite some Time. -- I Introduced Her to the WALL-of-WOOL!

Meanwhile, seeing as there were NO "40%-OFF"-COUPON Deals going on, I opted-out on getting any MORE of the ROVING YARN. -- for now... -- Instead, I Gathered OTHER-STUFF - [SEE Further BELOW]

So... As I was heading Across the Store to put an Item back, I "stumbled" onto a Carousel of MARTHA STEWART YARNS... hmm... *SHE* makes ROVING YARN, too?? huh. -- And, on the BOTTOM-Basket, there's the REST of the CLEARANCE-[$1.99]-PRICED *MERINO*!

After Acquiring the ENTIRE Lot of GREEN Last Week, I had wondered about whether or not IF there were ANY *MORE* to be had at THAT Price..?! -- Needless to say, I Grabbed THIS ENTIRE LOT as well!

seriously. I was about to Leave *WITHOUT* WOOL!?! - I *had* to GET THIS BUNCH!

I noticed that there was a Softer-GREEN in Those TIN-POTS that I'd gotten Last Time. - I have a *USE* in Mind for THEM, so I got More.

Those Little PLASTIC-BOXES were also Priced Lower... I'm sure that I'll Find SOMETHING to put IN THEM! -- Perhaps, Those WOODEN-CLOTHES-PINS..?

And, BTW... ONE can never have *enough* STRIPPED RIBBON!!


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