Saturday, June 1, 2013

Made it BACK to "HARBOUR" in the *Nick* of Time!!

WE'VE BEEN *WAITING* FOR THE RAIN! - If only, to Melt-off the HUMIDITY! Luckily, the SKIES were SEMI-Overcast and far LESS *SCORCHING* than Yesterday!

Another *LATE* Start... However, *most* of the Day's YARD-"SALE"-ing was in OUR Neighbourhood! And, the NEXT One over to the WEST. -- Although, We did pop over to BEACON HILL for a Quickie-LOOKSEE afterward.

Anyhoo... My BEST "CATCH"-of-the-Day was THIS 18x24-inch PAINTING for $5. by "P. DYBLE"..?

The Largest Addition to Date to My "$5. and UNDER"-ORIGINAL-ART-COLLECTION!

-- BTW, I absolutely HATE the FRAME! That will definitely get *tossed*! - Unless of course, I find Time - *some* Day - to "Creatively" RE-do IT..? I've yet to really Check-Out ITS "Quality" and Condition.

Meanwhile, in Keeping with Today's apparent Purchasing-"THEME", I also picked up THESE TWO CERAMIC FISH DISHES...

The FIRST, 11-Inches, Made in ITALY -- for 50-Cents... I Found ITS SIMPLISTIC-"Construction" to be INTRIGUING.

As I did the GLAZING on THIS ONE-DOLLAR 16-Inch DISH...

*ONE* of these Days, I'm probably going to HAVE TO *LEARN* "HOW" to Properly COOK *WHOLE*-FISH!! -- I certainly have ENOUGH "SERVING"-WARE for a FISH-FRY!!

oh. And, I also got a Bunch of THESE 9-Inch TIN BOXES for 25-Cents Each... FOUR BLACK Ones and THREE in BROWN. -- Now, I just have to Decide on *what* STUFF to put IN Them!


Later on, GROCERY-GETTING was had. Along, with a Visit to MICHAEL'S... It's been a Few Weeks since MOTHER has been There. And, I was *hoping* that the NEW YARN-"TURN-OVER" Shipments would be *IN*..? -- NO Luck... Perhaps by TUESDAY..?? - I'm *eager* to get a "PRE-View"!

RAIN-CLOUDS were gathering CLOSE-by when We *eventually* GOT HOME... About 20-Minutes AFTER I unloaded THE CAR, the HUMIDITY-*SLICING*-DOWNPOUR finally Happened!! - Accented, with a just a touch of THUNDER...


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