Saturday, November 23, 2013

well. So much for THAT "New-Product-Line" Idea...


MEANWHILE, I'm sitting on a TROVE of *Quality* "RAW MATERIAL" just begging to be Transformed into NON-GLUE-GUNNED-HAND-HEWN-CREATIVE-CRAFTINESS that can be SOLD in the $5. to $10. Range, however, with $15. to $20. looking "Workmanship"! - AND, that will give Me enough "PROFIT" to cover THE ELVES' "PAYROLL"! -- Not to mention, Craft-Show-TABLE-Booking-COSTS, Sled FUEL...

oh. well...

HEY! *LOOK*!! -- SNOW SQUALLS! - AND, Me having to SHOVEL almost 2-Inches of IT before heading to THE MALL... ROAD-CONDITIONS were *not* Favourable enough to Venture over to TRAINYARDS.

BTW, did I "mention" the Part about having to *SHOVEL*..?!!


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  1. We must be on the same wavelength, sugar....I have been kicking around the idea of hand sewn "pals" for awhile now, have been saving scraps and snipets and all of that stuff to get started. It's on my list of things to explore for the new year.

    You CAN compete with all that cuteness...remember, those things that are being mass produced can be sold at a cheaper price and the quality just isn't the same as that which comes with a new friend sewn by hand!


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