Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Think I Just *WON* the TRAFFIC-"LOTTERY"!!

GOT **GREEN**-LIGHTS ALL THE WAY!! - And, going HOME too...

okay.. I got *maybe* 3-HOURS of SLEEP..? But, I was "awake"... And of course, ran into a slight WARDROBE "snag" -- apparently, the New SWEATER that I had laid-out to wear Today just DIDN'T look so "flattering"... Luckily, I had an "ARGYLE" One that actually fitted much Better! - As well as, "matched" My BLANKETS!

THEN, it was a good 5-Minutes of loading "Last-Minute"-Stuff into THE CAR... IN the DRIZZLY *DARK*! -- I ended up *LEAVING* about 10-Minutes LATER than I had planned "HOPED" to!

Sooo... IMAGINE My "SURPRISE" **WHEN** I managed to nail ALL of the GREEN-LIGHTS, hence Arriving at the CHURCH-Venue in about 11-MINUTES!! - [instead of 16-ish] - ESPECIALLY, in the Drizzly-Pre-Dawn-PITCHness!! - BTW, that NEWLY Paved "BLACKBURN-BYPASS" was a Big Help!

As was, My New DOLLY... Having IT *saved* Me on the Back-Strain and probably TWO trips to THE CAR! -- I need EVERY Minute I can on My SET-UP-TIME!

ANYHOO... "Business" was SLOW at first. CUSTOMER-TRAFFIC is Steady, but still much LESS than IT was Years ago... I didn't get My "FIRST-SALE" until almost an Hour IN! - NOT *encouraging*...

HOWEVER, midway through, I began getting these little BUYING-"FRENZY" Moments! Mostly around the WASHCLOTHS... I *need* to Make MORE!! - My SUPPLY was Lower than usual to begin with. I'll have to seriously Stock-UP before the NEXT SHOW!!

Meanwhile, LOTS of HAT "Try-Ons"... Thankfully SOLD TWO!! - And, have an "ORDER" to do a CUSTOM-One... [also a SCARF Order, too!]

Although, the "HIGH-LIGHT" of My Day - [and, what makes WHAT I do *WORTHWHILE*] - was This LITTLE-RED-HEADED-BOY - [about 7 or 8 years old I'd guess] - Who absolutely fell *IN LOVE* with One of My TOQUES!

He was carrying around this little Plastic-Box *full* of "HIS" Money, looking around to Buy Himself SOMETHING with IT. However, there probably wasn't enough to Get THE HAT... And really, even if there were, all of that "Loose-Change" *should* be spent on Something "COOL", *other* than on "Clothing"! -- I would have Felt BADLY accepting IT...

Fortunately for Him, He was "Shopping" with His GRANDPARENTS... So, the "SUGGESTION" of perhaps making the Purchase as a Gift *FROM* the GRANDPARENTS "instead", was tossed out to be "mulled-over"... In the meantime - at HIS Request - THE HAT was "put aside"...

LONG-BROWSING-SHORT... On His second Return, "TOM" had managed to Convince His GRANDMOTHER that He REALLY *WANTED* THE HAT! - Even after I had "Packaged" IT up in a cute Bag just for Him, He wanted to WEAR IT right away! -- [Even-money, He's probably Sleeping *in* IT!]

After THAT, SALES slacked off... But, I wasn't so bothered by it as I'd just made a LITTLE-KID *HAPPY*!!

TEAR-DOWN took FOREVER as usual... I *need* CLONES! -- The Journey HOME was quick... MOST of THE STUFF is still IN THE CAR. - I'll UNLOAD IT Tomorrow... AFTER I'm "Rested"! - I was so EXHAUSTED, I ended up NAPPING for almost 3-HOURS! And, didn't have Supper until after 8pm...

But I'm "AWAKE" Now... sorta... IT'll all "catch-up" to Me LATER... When I have to FIND "Room" for EVERYTHING, *AGAIN*!! - And THEN, get THE ELVES *back* to WORK!!



  1. No time for shows for me this year. grr. Glad yours went well, love the story about the young man!

  2. It's great when a child falls in love with something handmade isn't it. I had a little boy like that with one of my puppets in the spring. Really melts your heart. By the way the colours in the red hat pictured are really lovely.


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