Sunday, June 9, 2013

And, on the DAY SEVEN... IT was "mostly" **SUNNY**!!!

THANK THE WEATHER CHANNEL!! -- After *over* THREE-DAYS of GREY and DRIZZLE, I was about to "Lose IT"! -- Ooo.. And, IT'S WARM, too! YAY!

Almost EVERYONE on the STREET was Out doing "YARD-WORK" in prep for Waste-Pickup Tomorrow. Whilst I, was INside dealing with being "DOMESTIC"-Day-Two... Hey. I could've been at the "ALL-DAY-FREE-or-SWAP-STUFF" Event over in VANIER!! -- Then again, I have NO Room for ANYthing and, PARKING is somewhat of a *PAIN*!

Anyhoo... so. *NOTE* - I am *NOT* particularly "known" for My CULINARY-"SKILLS"...

oh, sure, I can Cut-Up & TOSS a pretty mean SALAD. Palette some SPREAD across BREAD. And, even wield a wicked ROLLING-PIN! -- However, unless I *have* to FEED Myself, I generally stay OUT of a KITCHEN!

Although, I can do a rather awesome Job on "PLACE-SETTINGS"! -- Afterall, I *do* have the DISHES *and* PLATTERS!

whatever... The "POINT" -- For the Last couple of Days, I have been "Field-Promoted" to HEAD-CHEF-and-BOTTLE-WASHER! -- I'm not at Liberty to Say "WHY", but just, that I AM! And, "so far" NO-ONE has been "Poisoned" and/or "Starved"! -- yet...

Mind You, My BACK is *KILLING* Me! My Hands are a *mess*! And, I *haven't* PLAYED with YARN since THURSDAY! - My FINGERS are getting *Antsy*! Not to mention, MANAGER-DAVE had previously *hinted* of "NEW YARN" coming *IN* THIS Week..?! -- I'm on "HOOKS & NEEDLES" over THAT Prospect!!

MEANWHILE, in Other NEWS... SISTER and BIG-D have Safely RETURNED Home! Back to Their FLOWERS and FELINES!

AND, there's STILL tons of STUFF that She *DIDN'T* bring Back!! - crap.


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