Monday, June 24, 2013

Geez! What's with *ALL* of the "SHOPPERS"..?!


oh. wait.. We DID! -- sorta...

Despite the odd BREEZE, the HUMIDEX was hitting the High-30s - [85F-plus]. -- Opening My CAR Door was like taking a BAKING-CLASS!

I *HAD* to get MILK!! - I think there were More PEOPLE *trying* to LEAVE the COSTCO Parking Lot, than there were IN the Store! -- LOCAL-AREA TRAFFIC was also on the high-side for *that* Time-of-Day as well... Though THAT, probably has more to do with ALL of the NEW "INFRASTRUCTURE" CONSTRUCTION that began TODAY...

Whatever. The "IMPORTANT" Thing is, I *got* HOME from Shopping about 10-Minutes BEFORE a SQUALL-LINE swept through!

BTW, the "Coolest" PHENOMENA-of-the-Day -- As I was Driving from COSTCO to the Next Grocery Store, there was this Ginormous CLOUD before Me Shaped like The UNITED KINGDOM!! -- Seriously! IT was like staring at a MAP in the SKY! Was *very* WEIRD...

Although, perhaps not AS much as that "WARNING-From-The-GODS-To-STUPID-PEOPLE"-Moment that happened Later on...

The BULK of The STORM had moved on, as had the RAIN... When, from My Basement-Room, I "Heard" the Sound of SOME-IDIOT starting-up His LAWNMOWER!?? - [for real?!] - Then, about a Half-Minute later, there's this quite UNEXPECTED bit of CLOSE-BY-OVERHEAD-**THUNDER**!!
-- I didn't Hear the MOWER again *after* THAT... OR, the THUNDER, either!

Meanwhile, the WEATHER has been "Quiet" since that Earlier "DRIVE-BY"-STORM... Still HUMID. More SQUALLS are predicted for Tomorrow. -- I might stay HOME..? The way the STOCK MARKETS have been for the Last Few Days, I think My "PORTFOLIO" needs some "Babysitting"!

And, I'm in a KNITTY-Mood... I managed a good 3-Inches of Work on that HAT that I started on Yesterday! -- huh. I might actually get IT Finished *by* the Weekend..??!


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