Friday, June 21, 2013

The LONGEST-DAY Shopping, Till I Dro-zzzzz...

oops! CAN'T FORGET TO DO *THIS*!! -- I keep nodding off...

okay. so. LONG-BLOOG-SHORT... sorta...

  • Worked on THE BLANKET till 4am! Still have another HOUR or more of TAILENDS to do!
  • Didn't Leave the HOUSE until 2!
  • MICHAEL'S first, to show THE BLANKET to AMANDA as it was Her LAST DAY There.
  • Oooo. Look... Some MARTHA STEWART MERINO on "CLEARANCE"..?
  • oh. Look. Some OTHER-INTERESTING-STUFF-That-I-Really-DON'T-Need-But-Hey-You-Never-Know... - [PICS Tomorrow]
  • Got a REALLY Long GROCERY-LIST of "SPECIALS" to Scavenge for...
  • GROCERY-STORE-#1 - I hate picking out Produce for MOTHER that I personally *don't* Like, Eat, and/or am Allergic to..?
  • GROCERY-STORE-#2 - Found an extra "Cart"-QUARTER! woohoo!
  • GROCERY-STORE-#3 - Had to Return a Wrong-Price-Item. Ooo, SWEET! The CROSSWALK-FAIRY dropped a SHINY-DIME for Me!
  • GROCERY-STORE-#4 - The Trunk is FILLING-Up! And, despite the ICE-PACK-Filled-COOLER, the FROZEN-FOOD won't *stay* that way for much longer...
  • 6pm-ish - Have to make a "SUPPLY"-DUMP at HOME *before* STUFF "MELTS"!
  • BTW, the WEATHER is rather HOT & SUNNY Today!
  • "Skipping" Dinner, still have to do THE MALL!
  • FOOD-STORE-#6 - Met a NICE-YOUNG-PRO-CAKE-DECORATING-MAN-Who-Also-KNITS... I imparted some Grocery-Bargains-Yarny-Wisdom upon Him.
  • GROCERY-STORE-#7 - Finally Returned an Item that I had gotten 2-Weeks ago... Cashed-In a "RAIN-CHECK" for some FROZEN-FOOD that I'm getting Low on.
  • GROCERY-STORE-#8 - hmm... A Pharmacy-Item that's "suppose-to-be" ON-SALE, hasn't been "Priced" as such! - Will pick IT up from the SERVICE-DESK on My way out Later...
  • My "LIST" is beginning to fray... Have Acquired MOST of IT's Contents...
  • MOTHER calls, wondering WHEN I'll be HOME..?!
  • I *Return*! UNLOAD. And, get to My Dinner by 8pm!

I DOZED-off for a bit, while ON-LINE... "AWAKE" now... But, must get to Bed anyway!



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