Saturday, May 12, 2012


  • Rope.
  • Pitch-Fork.
  • Hummingbird-Feeder.
  • Custard Baking-Cups.
  • Books.
  • Paint Brushes.
  • Silk Scarf.

Well... THAT's the List of "STUFF" that MOTHER Acquired at Today's various YARD-CHURCH-CHARITY-BAZAAR-SALES.

-- IT's "how" We *DO* that whole MATERNAL-PARENTAL-UNIT-DAY Thingy.

And, THANKFULLY, the WEATHER was JUST as GREAT as Last Saturday! A little Warmer even. Of course, We still ended up Leaving The HOUSE *LATER* than hoped! Although, earlier than Last Week. -- We had MORE "Ground" to COVER!

FIRST, there was a SALE a few Streets over...

Where I picked up This PEWTER...

I "think" IT's to File Mail..?? Or, perhaps Washcloths..? -- I have NO CLUE!
IT's about 15-Inches, designed to "hang".

Whatever, IT's *heavy*, has a Price-Sticker on the back from HOMESENSE
that reads "$99.99" and I *GOT* IT for $2.!!

[-- okay.. So one of the Flap-Hinges needs a new "bolt" - that, can be easily taken care of with a piece of heavy wire or whatever, I'm sure!]

As well, for 50-Cents, I also picked up - [FURTHER BELOW] - the lovely - [7x7x4"] - FLOWERY-LIDDED-"GIFT"-BOX at the Same Location.

We headed WEST next, to some
"CHARITY"-SALE at a nearby HIGH SCHOOL Yard. I didn't find Anything, but MOTHER made the Odd-Purchase...

BTW, "WEIRD"-Experience-of-the-Day occurred There. -- At the BOOK-TABLE, there was this OLDER-LADY-WITH-A-CANE who had just bought about 15-Pounds of Books... *ASSUMING* that She was going to go straight to Her Car, I "offered" to Carry Her Purchase for Her. BUT, *instead*, She HANDS-ME-HER-KEYS and points to Her Vehicle!?!

I guess I DO have an "HONEST FACE"!! -- Lucky for Her!

So. From There, We continued WESTWARD to a CHURCH-SALE over in Our OLD-Neighbourhood.

Got the small Turquoise GLASS BOWLS - [50-Cents for Both] - and the - [BELOW] - THREE "ENGLISH" BOOKS for a DOLLAR-Each.

-- I'm not *certain*, but I might ALREADY have THIS ONE..?! --

IT was still "Early"-ish, so We turned back EASTWARD to BEACON HILL...

Surprisingly, just a Few Sales going on. I only found This BOOK on MEXICAN ANTIQUITIES - [$2.] - in SPANISH!

-- [NOTE - With the exception of a Handful of Words, I DON'T "Know" any *Spanish*!!] -- But, IT does have Lots of Cool Pictures!

In due course, We made it over to the SALLY-ANN for a Quickie-NON-Purchase-Peruse. A Grocery-Getting-Moment. HOT-DOGS at another "Charity"-Thingy. Then, headed for THE MALL...

-- oh. Look! A Yard-Sale "SIGN"...for the Street just PAST THE MALL...

Where, I "finished-off" with the REST of My BOOTY!

-- "GIFT BOX" mentioned ABOVE --
 -- "CARDINAL TIN BOX" - 7x4" - 50-Cents --
-- "ROPE" - $1. --
-- 48mm "GLASS-LIDDED ALUMINUM BOXES" - 21 for $1. --

EVENTUALLY, We got TO THE MALL! Did the "Usual"-TOUR-de-SHOP. -- AND, MOTHER managed to "Acquire" Her much *wanted* FREE "Mother's-Day"-MALL-GIFT!!

"HOLIDAY" MISSION Accomplished!!



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