Thursday, May 3, 2012

hmm... I Wonder If THEY Missed US..?

IT HAS BEEN ALMOST 2-WEEKS... And, *because* of IT, I DIDN'T have *any* DISCOUNT-COUPONS!! -- nuts!


Overcast, yet Warm-ish. The ODD Sprinkle of Rain... I'll manage. -- pooh!! The Battery on My Calculator-WATCH has DIED!? great. IT'll have to Wait until Tonight. I'll just have to make like the 30-UNDER-GEN and Use My PHONE...

right... SO... WHERE to GO? WHAT to BUY?!

COSTCO - My FIRST STOP while the TRAFFIC is Good. Needed MILK. Grazed through the lovely, nicely-priced T-SHIRTS. But, I already have MORE than I need! Chatted with the nearby CUSTOMER-Wearing-the-Gorgeous-Silver-Turquoise-TORQUE! And, a Couple of Hard-Working-Clothes-Folding-GIRLS... Ah! My Fav Snack-Bars are finally
"on-sale"! Spending way too much Time trying to Choose Bananas for MOTHER... [NOTE: I don't like Bananas!]

Next, must keep ahead of TRAFFIC to TRAINYARDS.

MICHAEL'S - YAY! NO Evil-MARSHALLete-Traffic! Although, Parking-Capacity was on the High-side... Nevertheless, I got My FAV SPOT!! -- Sooo... seeing as I had NO "Coupons" - [see ABOVE] - NO YARN was Purchased Today! And, there wasn't ANYthing ELSE that was Begging-Me-For-A-Home, either...

I headed across to the Middle of The YARDS to the BOMBAY Company. THEY still had a Big-Sale going on, AND, I was Hoping on Finding *more* of those BLUE-WHITE-CHINA-BALLS!? -- Oooo... LOTS of Pretty-STUFF... AH-HA! BALLS!!

The *difficult* Part was TRYING to "Remember" the Patterns of the Ones I had Bought THERE the Last Time! oh, hey! THESE are ON-SALE, too! - Down to $3.-Each... SWEET!!

Next Door, BENIX - Mostly, "Kitcheny"-Things. I just Power-Browsed. Chatted-Up the Lonely-Looking-Waiting-For-Customers-SALESCLERKS.

WICKER EMPORIUM - Considerably LESS Spacious because of the abundance of More-WOOD-Than-WICKER-Stuff. Some cute Seaside-Cottage-Stuff...

Meanwhile, I got to Thinking about going on the HUNT for a new VCR for MOTHER..? However, considering the Time of Day and TRAFFIC-Patterns, I skipped on checking-out WALMART - [which I can do on Saturday] - and proceeded to BEST BUY.

- huh. Apparently, the "VCR" has become an EXTINCT Beast. hmm..? -- I went to do some Grocery-Getting as I Pondered My Potential-Purchasing-Plight...

Off to FUTURE SHOP then... Helpful-Cute-Young-LAD gave Me a "lead" on a Possible-Place - [I'll have to Check-IT-Out on Saturday, as well] - also, that I might be able to ONLINE-Acquire One..?

Since I was closeby, I scooted over to LOBLAW. - No Luck.

"Comedian"-CHILD-CLERK at THE SOURCE "Suggested" a PAWN-SHOP... I just wanted to E.M.P. His APPs!

Zapped over to ZELLERS on the OFF-Chance that THEY might have One... nah. ZIP!

Well... I've got a Watch-Battery to "Surgically" REMOVE!


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