Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"WHY" I am Sooo *NOT* a "FARM"-GIRL!!

CHECKOUT *POOR* KRISTIN'S "HOLIDAY-WEEKEND"!! -- I knew there was a Reason for My *lack* of Fondness for Domesticated-Felines...

Anyhoo, MY Day wasn't even REMOTELY as *TRYING* - unless of course, "BOREDOM" counts..? IT was just a VEG-in-My-Room-Flipping-Through-Another-New-[3rd-one-this-week]-Decor-Mag-as-I-Watched-the-STOCK-MARKETS-Take-a-DIVE-and-Caught-up-on-Some-Reading-Well-at-Least-the-WEATHER-is-Nice kind of Day.

Honestly, **NOTHING** to BLOOG ABOUT!! - [..BTW, Washing My Hair doesn't *count*, either!]

Besides, I need to Conserve My BLOOGish-SUPER-POWERS for Tomorrow's DENTAL-DILEMAS! -- I should probably go Floss now... curl up My Hair...


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