Friday, October 19, 2012

hey. Does Anyone "Know" IF I can get LEAD POISONING from Owning TOO much **HEAVY** GLASS..??

NOT TO MENTION, **POTTERY**!! -- Just curious...

And, it's probably a "GOOD THING" that MOST of This *STUFF* is IN the BASEMENT, as despite the HOUSE's STEEL-BEAM Construction, I often wonder whether the FLOORS would *SUPPORT* ALL of My "CURIOS"..?! And, "LIBRARY"...

hmm... You know, I might have to ADD "PHARAONIC-TOMB-DESIGNER" right after

As well as, alter My "PLANS" of *SAVING-UP* for a "MUSEUM"... With all of the Metal and Wood SCRAPPY-CRAP that MOTHER has down Here, I just need a TRUCK or Two of CEMENT to "BARROW" the BASEMENT and I'll have Myself a SHINY "MAUSOLEUM"!
-- In a Couple of Millennia, ARCHAEOLOGISTS will be LINING-UP!!

    "..hey, ZORK! What are THESE..?"
    "Oohhh!! The FINAL Payment on Our *STUDENT-LOANS*!!
    -- THEY're B.O.O.K.S.!"

    "..books..? What the fractal is a *book*?"
    "A Bibliographic Omnibus Of Knowledge System..."

    "huh. -- Where's the Power-Source..? How do you activate it?"
    "*You're* the Power-Source. Just open it."

    "..ah.. It's not doing anything.. Shouldn't it glow or something..?"
    "No. It's completely manual.
    YOU have to move the membrane-sheets over.."

    "Well, that's inefficient--OW!!"
    "WHAT Happened?!! What did you DO?!"

    "*NOTHING*! -- IT *BIT* ME!!"
    "oh, pul-leeze. BORG-UP! You're wearing Hand-Protectors!
    -- Besides, B.O.O.K.S. *don't* BITE!"

    "Really? - So WHY does the outside of it have a graphical-representation of TEETH on it??!"
    "O-kay. You have a point. -- We'll leave.."

    "See?! - I told you this place was *CURSED* by the ANTI-SHAN!!"


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  1. Books....~siiiiigh~

    turned my son's bedroom into a studio.

    Turning my daughter's into my library in a year. Well, more of a spill over from the shelves in the living room, but...yeah.



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