Sunday, October 21, 2012

There had BETTER be **SPACE** IN THEIR Vehicle when THEY GO HOME!!


LITTLE-PRINCESS-BIG-RED has a BIRTHDAY coming up on THURSDAY, and then, there's HALLOWE'EN!! -- I'm hoping that THEY'll be around long enough to Checkout My upcoming CRAFT SALE on the 3rd... [THEY've never SEEN Me "IN ACTION"!]

IF ONLY, to Drive MOTHER over to IT! -- I just KNOW that She *won't* be READY to Leave for IT *WHEN* I DO!! - And, I'll need EVERY Minute I can GET for My SETUP-TIME!

The FIRST SALE of the Season is *always* a PRESSURE-COOKER! Not to mention, CONSUMER Numbers and SPENDING Amounts are going to be a CRAPSHOOT with the CURRENT State of the *LOCAL* ECONOMY This Year!

IF I can "MAKE-TABLE"-Costs, I'll be RELIEVED! - PLUS, "MATERIAL"-Costs of WHAT SELLS and GAS-MONEY, I'll be *HAPPY*!! -- Anything ABOVE Those COSTS, and I'll be *HAPPY-DANCING*!!

BOTTOMLINE... AUNTIE **NEEDS** to SELL a *FEW* HATS!! -- A BLANKET wouldn't HURT, either!

Speaking of WHICH, I *have* to get back to DOING THOSE up! -- AUNTIE also has YARN to *PAY FOR*!!

The CHARGE-CARDS need to be FED!


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