Thursday, October 4, 2012

Minus 30-DAYS and Still "PLANNING"...


I have LESS than 30-DAYS until My FIRST "CRAFT SHOW" of the *SEASON* at The GOOD SHEPHERD CHURCH on NOVEMBER 3rd... [8:30am to 2:00pm]

After having Done THIS VENUE for Several YEARS, You'd think that I'd have IT down to a
"SCIENCE"!?? -- ..nah! NOT a Chance!!

  • I've got 2-TABLES.
  • *NEW* "PRODUCT".
  • Have to Figure out *WHERE* to PLACE IT ALL...
  • How MUCH to *BRING*?!
  • "WHAT" to BRING!
  • Do I have ENOUGH to BRING?
  • Will MOTHER be **READY** to Tag along?!
  • Vehicle Condition.
  • Will PEOPLE **SHOW UP**??
  • Will THEY be BUYING?? -- MY "STUFF"??
  • Can I GET-UP "in Time"..??
  • CAN I "WIN" ENOUGH LOTTERY MONEY - [BTW, Tonight's $7. ain't going to cut IT!] - to **HIRE** "STAFF"??!!

And, oh yeah... Have I "MENTIONED" the Part, where I STILL have "THE ROOM" to SORT-OUT to get *AT* MOST-of-the-STUFF..?!!

...I hate holidays...


1 comment:

  1. If I was there I would work for free! (or for the right to set up a card table with you!!)

    Good luck, sugar. I'm sure you'll be just fine!!


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