Saturday, October 13, 2012

well-well.. Guess I'm Not the ONLY "STEWART"-STOCKER Out There!


As it appears that Our MICHAEL'S Store had been SOLD-OUT of that ON-SALE
"MARTHA STEWART CRAFTS" YARNS!! -- Which, is a "TROUBLESOME THING" considering that IT'S suppose to be ON-SALE *again* for THIS WEEK! - I DO *HOPE* that THEY can RE-Stock by TUESDAY...

Meanwhile, MANAGER-DAVE wasn't "IN" Today, so I wasn't about to "Discuss" the LACK of SUPPLY... Instead, just got a Couple of BALLS of My *usual* PATONS YARN. And, did a RECON of WHAT-I'd-Like-to-BUY-With-My-"TUESDAY"-SENIORS'-DISCOUNT.

Sooo... EARLIER... When the SUN was OUT - We headed on over to BEACON HILL.
IT's been a Couple of Weeks...

Just found ONE YARD-SALE...

I'm pretty certain that We've been THERE before - [can't remember what I got though].

MOTHER was picking through a small box of Trinkets and came across These TWO 4-5cm CERAMIC BROOCHES...

$1.-each. -- NOT Something I would normally Purchase, however, THEY were "SIGNED"
- [Finely done in Pink just under the Glaze]. And, "ARTSY"...

I'm sure that We can Find *some* USE for THEM. -- Eventually...

As MOTHER continued with Her Explorations, I spotted This Cobalt DENBY "BOURNE"
One-Pound POT. Was $3. -- Just a tad "High" for My usual "BARGAIN"-Liking, BUT, the SALE-Proceeds were going to a CHARITY...

Not to Mention, I am such a PUSHOVER for BLUE STUFF!! Especially, "ENGLISH" POTTERY! - [IT really IS "IN-the-Blood"!]


I Found This ASSORTMENT of TIME-LIFE "LIBRARY OF ART" BOOKS just as We were Paying for MOTHER's Second-Round of STUFF... $10. -- Again, *more* than I usually Spend.
-- BUT, IT's "ART"!!

After a HALF-HOUR, I finally DRAGGED MOTHER *AWAY*!! -- She kinda got "hooked" on the PERUVIAN
"PIPE" MUSIC that was being Played. - COINCIDENTLY, I actually *have* THAT CD!!

ALAS, We reached the SALLY-ANN!!

The RENO looks FINISHED. Everything has been totally REARRANGED!! -- I'm still UNdecided on whether I
Like IT or Not...

Whatever...only Bought This BUNCH of KNITTING NEEDLES for just Over a DOLLAR. -- Because, I can never do *without* TOO many "BARGAIN" METAL KNITTING NEEDLES!

AFTERWARD, We were off to a Particular nearby FOOD-Store, only to DISCOVER that THEY had *CLOSED* THAT Branch TWO WEEKS ago!?! -- Pooh!! -- Subsequently, We had to head over to the OTHER-ONE that was a bit "OUT-of-Our-WAY" for Today's TRIP-PLANNING!

hmm... No wonder IT began to get CLOUDY around THEN..?!! -- And, besides, WHAT's
"CRAZY-WEATHER" without a Jaunt over to MICHAEL'S, huh?! - [SEE ABOVE]

BY THIS POINT, We probably *should* have been HOME..? - yeah. right... We had ONE MORE "STOP" to Make!

LAST SATURDAY, We had run into a FAMILY that We'd recently MET and had gotten into
"CHATTING" with... For, a WHILE!


    The VERY-SWEET-TEENAGED-DAUGHTER really wanted to LEARN-HOW-to-Use-a-SEWING-MACHINE - [She does rather good HAND-Sewing and other CRAFTING] - but THEY haven't been able to OPERATE the MANUAL-LESS-FREE-SECOND-HAND-GOOD-QUALITY-COMPUTERIZED-ONE that the Father, "BOB-The-BUYER", had Acquired... MOTHER had Mentioned that She had a "WORKING"-SIMPLE-"Yard-Sale-FIND"-MACHINE that She was willing to Part with - [She only has about FOUR Others!!]. -- We "DROPPED-BY" to GIVE IT to Her...

It was "suppose to be" a BRIEF VISIT..?? -- Needless to say, EVERYONE had Dinner LATE-ish...

Anyhoo, AS MOTHER was Giving Sewing-LESSONS, "BOB" was Showing Me, His rather Diverse Array of COLLECTIBLES... Some *NICE* "FINDS"!!

Amongst THEM, was This SET of SIX SHAKESPEAREAN PLAYS... 2nd to 5th Printings... DATING from 1895 to 1900!!

At some Point in the PAST, SOMEONE had placed a CLEAR Adhesive BOOK-COVER over the Original-BINDINGS that was probably already Deteriorating.

Most of the BOOKS have some rather serious Cover-Spine SEPARATION going on, otherwise, the Page-Bindings are Intact.

Despite the EDGE-ACIDIFICATION Damage, the MAJORITY of the PAGES are CLEAN.

"BOB" was KIND enough to OFFER THEM to Me for *What* He PAID for THEM -- $10.!! -- A *GOOD* DEAL in My "Book"! As well as EDUCATIONAL! - I've never gotten around to Reading most of THESE yet...



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  1. All I've got for all of these amazing finds is a great big those books, especially!!


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