Monday, October 8, 2012

well. THAT was a *WASTE* of 3-Hours...


Sooo... DON'T You JUST *HATE IT*, when You "NOTICE" that You've MISSED an ENTIRE ROW of Work - about a DOZEN-ROWS-**LATER**..??!! -- *I* DO!! -- just saying...

However, I did make one interesting "DISCOVERY" - My KNITTING "Tension" is BANG ON!
- [good to know] - AFTER **RE-DOING** ALL of Those ROWS, My YARN was
"out" by ONLY ONE-STITCH of EXTRA!! - huh.


IT was a Lovely-COLD-SUNNY-AUTUMN DAY. -- I stayed IN... *TRYING* to FINISH that "CURRENT" HAT! - [...yeah. THAT didn't happen...] - Whilst, MOTHER - as usual - made a GREAT MEAL of "FISH"!! -- [HAM and PINEAPPLE last Night! YUMM!!]

Just a "T.M.I. NOTE" -- I *can't* EAT POULTRY... NOT a "Hardship" as I PREFER *FISH* anyway!! -- Not to Mention, "DE-FROSTING" TURKEYS around HERE gets to be *too* MUCH of a BAD "REALITY-SHOW"!!

Well... I'm going to get BACK to THE HAT again!!


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