Thursday, October 17, 2013

I should Hang a *SIGN* on My Door...


LOOKEE at "WHAT" I *Reeled-IN*!!

sooo.... There was a *SALE* - [HALF-Price!!]... AND, a Great - [25% OFF] - COUPON... Need I "Say" more..?

As well, given "what" I Paid, I can now comfortably "EXPERIMENT" on *HOW* COST-EFFECTIVE "CROCHETING" a BLANKET would be with This "FISHERMEN'S WOOL"..?!

-- Although, I *would* make considerably MORE "PROFIT" IF I just stuck to "TOQUE" Production...

Then again, I keep having this "VISION" of a BLANKET... with a HIT of RED... You knowSOMETHING that just *screams* "CABIN-CHIC"!!

ooh! - wait! hang on... ANOTHER "Crafty"-Idea just came to Me...

ahh...excuse Me, would You? - But, I've got to Find THE ELVES... NOW!!


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