Thursday, October 3, 2013



So... Seeing as I haven't had a chance to go to PHYSIO for *over* a Week, I took My Time Today with the whole "spa"-Treatment... The BODY-PARTS are showing much IMPROVEMENT! - [They *ought* to! Been spending ENOUGH $$ on Them!]

Anyhoo, since the Appointment was Early-ish, I took The CAR so that I could go *straight* to SHOPPING afterward! -- Why WASTE a perfectly GREAT Afternoon, huh? Besides, I hadn't made the Weekly-Pilgrimage to MICHAEL'S for a while.

And, it was the LAST Day on that Lone 40%-OFF-COUPON that I had... Mustn't *waste* THAT, either! -- There was YARN to be BOUGHT!! - [got a BALL of NAVY]

AS, I spent too much Time There, and over at WALMART for some Groceries, I only had Time to hit just ONE more Grocery-Store before having to GET HOME!

MEANWHILE... Squeezed in another Panel on the NEW HAT. I would have gotten *more* done, but got Side-Tracked with Other "Household" Stuff... Though, I think I *might* have IT Finished for MONDAY's - [SEE SIDEBAR] - "HANDMADE-HARBOUR" FO's..? -- Gonna try...

UNTIL *THEN* though, why not Pop on over to TAMI'S AMIS "F.O. FRIDAYS" for a head start on the WEEKEND!


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