Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Plague", PLUS *Price* PROTECTED!!

OR, AM I..??

At this point, I'm still trying to determine whether *KARMA* was being "Fortuitous" toward Me..? OR, just "Testing" Me..??!!

-- We were at this "STORE"... The ITEM-in-Question - [which I don't really Need necessarily, but IT was of SOLID OAK] - was $4.99. - HOWEVER, THE-CASHIER had entered "$0.49"!! - And, there was a LINE of OTHER-CUSTOMERS behind Us...

I "noticed" the ERROR MID-Charge-Card-Transaction... BTW, IT was a LONG-LINE...

Anyhoo... THE-ITEM weighs somewhat and, as yet, *hasn't* DROPPED on My TOES... So, for "The Moment", I *GUESS* that "I'm Good"..?


MOTHER and I got Our FLU-SHOTS, Today. -- Hope IT "WORKS"..? And, *in* Time for My UPCOMING CRAFT SHOW - *NEXT SATURDAY*!!

Speaking of Which... I've got TWO MORE "THINGS" on the GO! - That HAVE TO be DONE FOR *MONDAY*!! -- Gonna be a **BUSY** WEEKEND!!

so... DID I "mention" the Part about SISTER & BIG-D coming BACK HERE with CADET-JUNIOR over the weekend as well..?? - Or, about LITTLE-PRINCESS-BIG-RED's *BIRTHDAY*..?


hey. was that SNOW..??


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