Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SOOO *Many* COMBOs. Soooo LITTLE **TIME**!!

I'M BEING *PLAGUED* BY "CREATIVE" **IDEAS**... with absolutely NO Time to "DO" THEM! - Or, have the *SPACE*...

seriously. It took Me Hours to actually "Fall" Asleep This Morning Last Night because My BRAIN was still "ON"!

And Then, COLOUR-COMBOs started popping up EVERYwhere! -- EARLIER, I just happened to Glance up at a Couple of My - [many!] - YARN-*Filled*-clear-plastic-BAGS stacked about when I had the *rarely*-used Ceiling-Light on, and "noticed" how WELL Several of the BALLS Within *seemed* to "go together"...

That "YELLOW" is actually more of a "LIMON"-GREEN in *other* Lighting Conditions

...perhaps, as One of the Slouchy HATS..? -- Whatcha THINK..?? - *Would* YOU Buy IT?!


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