Saturday, October 12, 2013

Making up for Yesterday's LACK of "Celebratory"-PURCHASES...

ACTUALLY, I'M *HOPING*... That I made IT just under "The Wire" - on SOME *REMOTE* ISLAND, just EAST of the INTERNATIONAL-DATE-LINE..? -- You know... Just to make that *I LOVE YARN DAY* "EXCUSE" more "Plausible"...

Besides, *HOW* could I Pass-Up on the "HALF-PRICE" - [LION BRAND "FISHERMAN'S WOOL"] - and "50%-OFF-COUPONS"?!! Or, that "THRIFT"-STORE Pricing..?

At $1.99 per PACKAGE, I came across NINE, containing 10 or so Hanks of various EUROPEAN-Made TAPESTRY YARN. -- "ONE" of these Days, I might actually get *around* to DOING some of those NEEDLEPOINT CANVASSES I've got *STASHED* about... Or, perhaps, some CREWEL Work..??

whatever. At *That* Price, I wasn't about to Pass IT up! Or, *WAIT* until TUESDAY for the SENIORS' DISCOUNT -- IT would have been GONE by Then!

MEANWHILE, during the *Rest* of Our VISIT to VALUE-VILLAGE...

I came across THIS 3x5-Feet-ish Heavy-COTTON BATIK... IT was in the FABRIC-Section... NO Way was THIS *ever* meant to be "Cut-Up"!

IT's obviously a "ONE-PIECE"-PANEL.

And, "SIGNED"!

However, I have absolutely NO IDEA as to ITS "COUNTRY" and/or "CULTURE" of *ORIGIN*..?!!

Based on the Depictions, I can think of Several "Possibilities" -- ANYwhere from the WEST AFRICAN COAST to the EASTERN Ones and on toward the Rest of the INDIAN OCEAN COASTLINES...

[Does BALI have Elephants?]

So. IF *ANYONE* has a CLUE, "Theory", or actually *KNOWS* -- PLEASE, "COMMENT"!

Anyway, for $3.99, IT's a *COOL* Piece of "PRIMITIVE"-ART!

And, I even LIKE the COLOURS!!

All IT needs now, is to "Seam"-in a couple of Towels and IT'll be ready to HANG...

you know... I just had a weird-crazy-"out-of-the-box" thought... What are the chances that IT's *probably* just some kind of HOTEL-RESORT-TOURIST-"LOCAL"-ATTRACTIONS-*BANNER*..??!!

really... Except for that "Elephant", Everything ELSE can be Found at pretty much EVERY *TROPICAL* RESORT!



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