Saturday, December 11, 2010

Awaiting the "White Stuff"...

WINTER... Is annoying. -- Just saying...

We had about an inch or so of SNOWFALL last Night and a rise in the TEMPS Today.. Meaning, I had about 20 Minutes of Shovelling to do before We went ANYwhere. The latest Predictions are for FREEZING RAIN and SNOW later, into Tomorrow...

In other words, "annoying" Weather that may, or may not, be coming soon, in questionable amounts...? -- WELCOME, to OTTAWA in Winter!!

Yeah, I know, "it could be worse!" -- Don't worry, I'm already dreading THAT not-so-distant-Future inevitability!

Anyway, I could have left the Flakes where they were, but... if I do, and the TEMPS change too much, I'll get SLUSH and WATER in the wrong places. Or, even more dangerous, an ICE LAYER under the expected SNOW, resulting in NO boot traction to move it safely. So, it's always *best*
to "prep" One's soon-to-probably-be Shovel-Fest Area.

For once, We really didn't have any "planned" Locations that were in need of getting to. So, We kept it closer to HOME -

  • Encounters of the Waay-Too-Sweet-and-Perky CHECKOUT GIRL at CANADIAN TIRE.
  • Spending, more than I should have, on a few Blue & White PLATES at The SALLY ANN. Oh, found about 10 Skeins of WOOL Tapestry Yarn in a MUSTARD Shade as well. The Price was right.
  • Ending with the obligatory stop at THE MALL. Apparently, it was TICKET-WICKET GUY's big 30th Birthday earlier in the Week!!

Well, must get back to The HOOK whilst I can...


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