Monday, December 27, 2010

Ask Me How COLD It Was Today...


Well, it was SO Cold, that My *New* BLUE CROCHET HOOK and BLUE YARN, *STAYED* BLUE!!!


Shiny and Bright out.
Windchill -24C.
Gusting 50km Winds!
So, of course, We went SHOPPING!

Decided to head over to TRAINYARDS. Figured that *most* of the BOXING DAY "Mayhem" would have settled out somewhat...? As it turned out, the Traffic had a "Saturday" feel to it. - First Stop, MICHAEL'S.

Where, I acquired the ABOVE. Actually, got 8 of those SMALL BALLS. They were "on sale" - if You can call it that - but, I still had Money left on My GIFT CARD... Also, I've yet to see THAT Colour [INDIGO] in the BIG BALLS...

After spending too much Time There, We decided to go Next Door to that new SAIL Store...
BIG Place.
Seriously CROWDED Place!
Cheery-Helpful STAFF though.
Didn't buy anything.
Barely survived Crazy-Parking-Lot-People...

Crossed over the Complex to make the Brain-Washed Pilgrimage to WALMART... Didn't buy anything There, EITHER... Not that there was Anything LEFT! Sooo glad that We avoided it, Yesterday. The STORE looked like it had been ATTACKED by LOCUST!

I actually spoke with a few SALES CLERKS - who survived - and asked if there had been some Store-Wide "Sale" to explain the ravaging of the Regular-Priced Items [as in 95% of the YARN!]...?
-- Apparently, it's was a Case of the Annual Boxing-Day-Bargain-Buying-EVERYTHING-**WITHIN**-REACH-And-Stuffing-Into-A-Cart-WITHOUT-LOOKING-AT-THE-PRICE-Feeding-Frenzy!!

As I mentioned, SOOOO GLAD I *MISSED* IT!!

Anyway, spent TOO long in There - got Side-Tracked by running into a "Neighbour" from a couple of Streets over from Us... Which, strangely enough, seems to always Happen whenever We're in a Rush... It's like She *knows*....

Had a couple of more Other Grocery Stops to make and had to get Home by SUNDOWN... I had forgotten My Regular EYEWEAR! Only had My Prescription SHADES on when We left... The Night-Blindness doesn't help, either! -- BUT, Buying YARN sure *does*!!


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  1. love the colours sno, havent been out yet still feeling a bit iffy hugsx tinkx


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